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Graduated from the University of Texas at El Paso with a Bachelor’s in Business Administration. I had a great experience at UTEP; it opened my mind to many possibilities. The most important lesson from school is continuing education, which is a life-long journey.

Testimonials and Training Certificates

I’m an independent Spanish interpreter proficient in medical, judicial, and corporate settings—qualified to interpret simultaneously, consecutively, and sight interpretation.

Brief History

In 2016, I began in general interpreting for insurance and banking claims mostly but during the night shift I was interpreting for 311 and 911 emergency situations. For career advancement I moved to interpret for The United States Citizenship Immigration Services (USCIS). I was interpreting for Asylum Officers under oath. Now 2021 I’m a freelance legal and medical interpreter.

What is a Cultural Broker?

When a language has no equivalent value in another language, I must process and describe the significance with context, which is the role of a cultural broker. Language is not the only part of communication; geography, attitudes, and beliefs must also be understood for accuracy. That’s where my empathy, meditation, and endurance skills excel.

My experience traveling to different countries provides a deeper understanding of language and regional uses.

Contact Information

Cell : 19153832191

Work: 19152091461


The importance of quality interpreting in legal and healthcare situations can never be stressed enough, with any mistake no matter how minor can compromise the delivery of justice or put someone’s health at risk always hire an experience interpreter. Act now contact freelance interpreter Pedro Diaz for an unbiased, experienced and accurate interpretation

A language interpreter renders the message accurately, carrying the content and nature of the original idea, taking into consideration the cultural setting.

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