A cultural broker interprets language, media and society.

What can you learn from the mind of a language interpreter.

Interpreting is the way I serve my culture with language.

A clear and short introduction with a friendly yet serious tone to set the setting. Listening is the most acute skill set an interpreter posses. If the message and idea are not clear, a formal clarification occurs until the idea is clear and precise. Here are four rules you can learn from an interpreter:

  1. Listen.
  2. Setting the tone and flow for a call speak clear and with confidence is key. People can hear if you are tired or in good mood.
  3. Clarify as many times until you are 100% accurate 
  4. Check your mute button
Spanish Consecutive Medical & Legal Interpreter (VRI/OPI)
Interpreting Services

Freelance Spanish Interpreter interpreter with experience in immigration, finance and medicine.

Experience interpreting for:

  • United States Citizenship and Immigration Services USCIS ( Asylum Officers) and Legal Aid Canada
  • Finance U.S. Banks and Insurance Companies
  • U.S. Medical Industry (Doctors, Nurses and Admin.)
Macondo Quote By Gabriel Garcia Marquez
Cultural Blog

The cultural broker blog interprets language, media and society. Let’s celebrate what brings people together! 


Cultural Broker Logo

Podcast – The Latino Experience

Podcast is about self-improving being honest and learning for others through language, art and business.

Communicating a precise message to do the right audience.

This episode was inspired by two books the power of now by Dr. Joseph Murphy and the Artists way by Julia Cameron. I hope you enjoy. — Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/culturalbroker/support
  1. Meditation episode
  2. Voice over demo
  3. Practicing Patience
  4. Quotes, wants and reading in spanish piense y hagase rico (fé)
  5. The Latino Experience with Pedro Diaz and guest Daniel Lara Cesar (English, Spanish and Portuguese)

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