Allow me to introduce myself.

I’m first generation Mexican American and I think is valuable to share my experience for readers to have a perspective. I’m creative individual since I can remember, I always wanted to create, later it turned into a starting up business and creation of wealth. Now, I want to use my experience to create strategic communication as a creative director.

Some background on myself, I went to Cathedral High School in El Paso TX. After, I attended the University of Texas at El Paso (UTEP) where I graduate with a Finance degree. Graduating from UTEP has to be one of my proudest moment because I was the first in my family to do in the United States.

I was an average student when it came to academics but I did more in college that I ever imagined that I could.

Writing about myself is strange because the experience that I have now has a lot to do with my parents experience. And when someone writes about their parents you are getting to know someone all the way to the roots.


In a brief summary both parents are from Mexico they are educated people went to the University in Cd. Juarez Chihuahua, Chihuahua and studied agriculture engineering.

They got married and migrated north to the USA. From my understanding my mother was the leader of the relationship. Encouraging my father to get married have children and move north. They had 3 healthy kids and my father never skipped a day work after that. My father has taught me a lot, not by words but with actions. His strength are his consistency and disciplined at work, he has been in the same company over 20 years started as a diesel mechanic. You could add and say his love to provide for his children is a strength, helped him work consistently for so many years.

And now that I’m writing about this I need more consistency in my life and work jaja nervous laugh. I’m good but not as good as my pops. My mother unfortunately passed away from cancer when I was 15- 16 years old. I know that has affected me immensely in a positive and negative ways. But because my mother loved us so much I can say she affected me in a positive way even if we had such a short time. I had to grow up quickly but still did lot stupid things because I knew no one was there to punish me or discipline. I could go out any time, the liberty to do anything when you are an adolescent feels great. But lets face it, if your mom loves you, there’s no substitution. I don’t want to turn this page into a therapy session but it does feel good to write about my experience.

My mother always asked are you happy? Do you need anything?

Also, My mother would always say “Do whatever you want, just be the best at it.”

With that been said I want to be the best marketing strategist for the latino market.

The topics I will dive into more are design and finance.

I believe there’s a design you work on first before you get rewarded financially.

Anything I share about Finance will be quote.

Design is relatively new for me but design for me is a plan.

A plan to reach goal. And the goals can be different like drawing to express yourself. A sculpture to represent beauty. An image the express a feeling or create a thought. Comedian planning\writing a joke.

The reason why you should read my blog because its the experience of a first generation U.S. latino. I will work to add value and give a unique perspective. I will share stories and will connect them with design and finance. I want to create enough context for brands that need help with a strategic message for first generation latinos in the USA.

Spread valuable information.

I want to express myself publicly because of a career in the creative field. And I want the public to understand who I am and how I can help organizations relay an engaging message to their users.

I will write about my experience with design and finance. I’m writing about my work experience, also excerpt from books that I’m reading.

I would like to connect with Marketing departments and decision makers that would like to collaborate to create a strategic engaging message.

I would like to get paid by companies that believe that I could deliver a engaging message for their users, in English and Spanish.

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