How to get started.

The hardest part is getting started. My personal reason for taking so long to start a blog is because of judgment.

Peers or other individuals commenting on how my grammar isn’t any good or just plain mockery for expressing your thought and feelings.

But I rather try and fail, then to never have tried at all. So here goes nothing.

The reason for this blog is to express myself creatively and to build brand. I have experience working with different brands “companies” and that’s why I know the importance of creating your own.

Since, my first job ever was at a pizza place better know as Little Caesars. I can remember being part of a brand by standing on the street spinning a sign or making pizza as fast as possible for our hungry customers.

And all the other work “jobs” that follow I had to represent a brand. I’m latino, so we start working at age 16 with parental approval. From the top of my head, I have worked for about 20 brands “companies”.

Promoting, customer services, sales, and every aspect or activity that would reflect the brand. Arriving on time, looking presentable, and ready to work my personal brand.

I write to introduce Design and Finance we are a brand consultation firm that is focused on the Latino market.

Signing up for a cultural broker experience. Please contact me at 915.383.2191 or 915.209.1461 to set up an interview. Email or



Pedro Diaz Jr.


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