Ipanema Rio de Janiero, Brazil

My second day in Rio De Janiero it’s a beautiful and wild metropolis. I rode the metro to go to a less populated beach in Rio, that’s a modern feel. The metro system is impressive for someone that is from the west Texas where we all want to drive is a pick up truck. I don’t know the population in Rio but its a lot. Coming from a suburb of a medium size city it is a lot of folks. The beaches are spectacular and well there’s a lot of natural beauty . The land is blessed is bio-diversity. Brazil has a tremendous amounts of plants and some the biggest concrete jungles out there. Ipanema like lot of the big cities in Brazil have many buildings, tall buildings I don’t know if they qualify for skyscrapers but the have many levels to the buildings. In my home town the tallest house or building is two levels or three if you have that kind of money jaja its funny but true.

Airbnb I love you son of gun for allowing us to rent one apt and use another to keep discovering the world. I love to write how my girlfriend and work remotely, live and discover new places. I’m taking photographs, videos, write blog entries and social media posting.

There’s always two side of the story the people who work and live in Rio and those who just come and visit.

The good, the bad and the ugly.

Twenty two days in Ipanema Rio de Janiero, beautiful beach and you can buy anything on the beach and it’s great. Matte con Limon.


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