Spanish Immigration Interpreter

Immigration is a huge subject. Get it. jaja It is quite serious subject that affects every U.S. citizen. I’m interpreter for the USCIS or better know as the United States Citizenship an Immigration Services abroad which has been an incredible eye opening experience. I work directly with the Asylum officers and I have interpret multiple cases from latin america. I cannot say anything about the cases I have monitor or interpreter because I have taken oath.

There’s some information I feel everyone should know and read. What are the requirements to ask for asylum. I wrote this because people need to know. Next part is in Spanish.

Debe mostrarle al oficial de asuntos de asilo que tiene un temor creíble de ser dañado o perseguido por su raza, religión, nacionalidad, afiliación con un grupo social en particular o por sus opiniones políticas, o que existe una posibilidad creíble de ser torturado. El funcionario tomará notas por escrito.


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