I love my life. Thank you, God.

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I love that we have many platforms to express ourselves and to be creative. I believe that being able to design/create and getting recognized by $$/financially has to be the best feeling ever. I’m excited to build a brand that can push the envelope on what is possible.

I have so many ideas sometimes it is hard to concentrate on one. I don’t want to be an individual that works on something for 8 months then jumps to another project, which I have done since college expect for one gig that lasted for 3 years.

I feel with wordpress, it is helping me organize my thoughts for future creative work.

Sometimes it scares me how many thoughts, I have about different projects that I feel passionate about. If I could summarize all my ideas in a couple sentence would sound something like;

Long-Term Portfolio of Sustainable Investments from a First Generation Latino in Design and Finance.

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