Today, I got in a fight with life! And I earned respect.

Today, life beat me up but I stood up fought back with all I got.

Woke today not feeling 100% maybe because of the beers I had the night before. But that didn’t stop from going to kitchen washing dishes, making coffee and cooking breakfast.

After breakfast, I studied for my interpreting test and worked for 7 hours.

I got a call 30 minutes into my shift and started interpreting all day. Some of the calls that I was interpreting where difficult.

I wasn’t feeling to good but I did my best and finished my shift. Felt good to finish but it was draining.

After work, I when to a boxing class to take out this nervous energy, that I have for an up coming test. I worked out so much a threw up. Jajaj

I kept on pushing finished that class and came home.

When I arrived home I felt, like I had gotten in fight with life all day and I had gotten my ass kicked, but I pushed so hard that I earned respect from life.

And anytime life wants to fight, it knows now that I’m going to bring it.


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