What to do when you have done too many mistakes.

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When you are somebody like me that has done so many mistakes, you have repeated many mistakes, you have been rejected many times from awesome jobs, you have failed in many relationships, and you are loosing money on your investments.

Focus on simple forward movement, what I mean by that is do something small that you know is positive for example: go to sleep early, go for a walk, read, write, clean up your work area or living arrangement.

*Avoid: drinking alcohol, smoking cigarettes, weed and sitting in front of the television.

Do as many positive simple actions until you get back on course an realize your blessings because it can always get worse.

I hope you feel better and remember that successful people fail a lot more than unsuccessful. Also know as we get older we become wiser, maybe and are able to avoid some the mistakes that we couldn’t avoid in our young age.

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