The Lion and the Unicorn.

The fact that we are at was has turned Socialism from text-book word into a realizable policy.

The inefficiency of private capitalism has been proved all over Europe. its injustice has been proved in the East End of London. Patriotism, against which the Socialists fought so long, has become a tremendous lever in their hands. People who at any other time would cling like glue to their miserable scraps of privilege will surrender them fast enough when their country is in danger. War is the greatest of all agents of change. it speeds up all processes, wipes out minor distinctions, bring realities to the surface. Above all, war brings it home to the individual that he is not altogether as individual.

At this moment it is not so much a question of surrendering life as of surrendering leisure, comfort, economic liberty, social prestige.

George Orwell, The Lion and the Unicorn : Socialism and the English Genius


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