Branding is the essence of the company or person. Essence is the most significant element, character, or quality of individual or the group. Below is a couple of paragraph from Fashion Reference book I hope you enjoy it.

“The most common mistake regarding brands is to think the company name and logo are the brand. They are not. The brand is what the designer or company stands for. Designers that consistently follow through on every endeavor with integrity are building a brand: Anything associated with their design work should ring true, aligning with what the brand has pledged to deliver.

Another misconception about brands is that they belong to the designer or company. They do not. The whole idea behind a good brand is that it connects with people, and the moment a customer is let down in any way the brand has suffered a blow. Brands are emotional things in which both the creators and consumers have made an investment. They begin to have significance beyond the actual products. Over time, a brand builds a philosophy and a way of doing business; for the customer, the brand becomes a cultural accessory and a source of inspiration.” The Fashion Design – Reference + Specification book by Jay Calderin


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