Working Remotely

I have been working remotely since 2016, but this year 2020 a lot more people are starting to work from home or remotely.

There’re pros and cons to everything and I will share some of my thoughts.

First lets go with the biggest Con. it gets lonely especially if you are a single person. You have no interaction with work colleagues. You login to work alone, you eat lunch alone and when you leave work you are still alone. Of course you have friends but your neighbors are the people you are going to see the most or the staff at your favorite restaurant/bar. Which means you loose the networking part of careers, and if you are good looking and smell good like me, you might be loosing out on some opportunities. 😉

Lets face it we are social beings even thou some of us are introverts we still want to hang out with cool people.

I’m half full type of person and there’re many pros to working remotely. My first pro move is that no more commuting wujuu. I don’t like commuting I think driving is a big liability, the risk we put ourselves driving 60-80 mph in highway even if you are a defensive driver there is the possibility of an accident. In addition no more worrying about getting pulled over by the police, no more car pay and no more car insurance payment.

Most of the cities and United States, especially Texas you need car to get around but some cities/towns do offer everything in walking distance and that’s why I’m able to work and live without a car in Texas.

I’m saving time and money.

Favorite Pro is that depending on what type remote work you do, you are able to travel domestically and internationally. That gets rid of lonely factor when traveling you always meet new people and most the time when you are new to a place locals want help you get around. You could use ARBNB or OUTSITE to find new places to work from, most place have a good internet connection.

Now with the COVID-19 we have to be careful when we do travel. Respect the rules of each place and clean after yourself.

There’re pros and cons to working remotely. If you are getting cabin fever because you are spending a lot time alone start calling friends and family a conversation over the phone or Skype can go along way. If you traveling stay safe and get to know your surroundings. Last thing extremely important is having a schedule for most days, prioritizing tasks.

Check out my blog on designing winning habits.


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