MEX and USA border

On Aug. 23 2020 I went to visit my family in Juarez Mex. for lunch and the surprise we would get on the way back. We had to be in a bumper to bumper traffic line for 9 hours to get back in the U.S. they said it was to stop discourage people from non essential travel to prevent spreading of Covid-19 it was a nightmare.

Got into shouting match with someone trying to cut the line after waiting 5 hours. It was stressful.

The point was made I’m discourage from visiting my family in Juarez Mexico in a car. Bicycle or walking/ Uber has to be the best way to visit the family. Border cities like Tijuana/ San Diego, El Paso/ Juarez and now the world are interconnected that a 9 hours line is not going to stop people from migrating or immigrating to where they can find opportunities and love ones.


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