Sleeping in the same room as a blood sucking…

The mystery and the importance of sleep.

Last week, my sleep was interrupted 2-3 nights out of the week because of blood thirsty mosquitos. I was waking up at 3 am pissed off, and I’m deep sleeper thank God for my good health and my sleeping herbs. I usually sleep through the night with ease. And last week, I got bit by these mosquitos, it felt like 30-40 times all over my body.

I remember the worst night that I had blood sucked from my body all night, my back, my shoulders and my arms where itching bad, but I still wasn’t awake, I was scratching the areas as best I could.

But the thing the broke the camels back was when I heard the f$%k#4% mosquito buzzing in my ear. That buzzing sound next almost inside my ear, that’s when I had enough. I was up and I was mad, I couldn’t believe this tiny insect was robbing my sleep.

The following day we when on killing spree. We where monitoring their behavior, the blood suckers would come out at night when the lights where turned off and our bodies were not in motion

So we set up traps at night, we would work until late with our computers staying still for long periods of time with a few lights on. Like vampires they came out at dark, we were ready this time. We killed like 6-8 mosquitos before we when to sleep.

We slept fine that night and after that experience the topic of sleep had to be on this blog.

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