Logo Consultation Notes

I recently completed a logo design class on Domestika.com platform and the instructor Sagi Haviv is a New York-based graphic designer and a partner in the design firm Chermayeff & Geismar & Haviv. Has over 60 identity programs he has designed are the logos for the US Open Tennis Championships, Leonard Bernstein at 100, Harvard University Press, Conservation International, and LA Reid’s Hitco Entertainment.

Below are some of my notes from the class. Editing is a big part of logo design, making it as simple and as functional as possible. It reminds me of my editing post, check it out.

Client interview questions below :

What do you think about your logo?

Do you think your current logo has recognition within your audience?

What is your vision for the future of your business in the next 5 -1 0 years?

Who is your competitors?

If there was a single idea or feeling that can be distilled into your new logo what should it be?

Do you have any thoughts about color?

Presentation Notes. All the logos are presented in different type communication outlets. Such as the example below:

A good trademark is not about what one likes or dislikes it’s about what works.

Functionality – Design problem – challenges with your logo:___________

Objective: To increase recognition of __________,__________ by creating a visual identity that emphasizes the_______ most important asset- its name – and can it be used consistently across all communications.

Strategy ____________,__________ to finds a balance along a traditional – modern continuum.

It should feel:

Rooted and authoritative rather than old fashioned.

Classic and lasting rather than antiquated

Elated and archetype rather then clustered

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