Political Opinion

Everyone has an opinion just like everyone has an ….

October 3, 2020 two months from the United States presidential election.

I just listen to Mike Tyson’s podcast HOTBOXIN with guest Justin Wren please go listen to that, they talk about the oppressed and the bullied. Kids, teens and adults can be fu#$ brutal.

A video of a group of kids beating up a special needs kid and filming its graphic. Justin Wren MMA fighter and extrodinary man becomes thE mentor to this kid now, explains that sometimes people who hurt other people are hurt and that no little act of kindness is ever wasted. One of the kids that doing the beating had one his parent killed his other parent, what f#$%k up space for that kid to be in. Go listen to the podcast and check Justin Wren fightfortheforgotten.org

Back to the 2020 Presidential election why people don’t vote? Lack of interest, lack of knowledge, dissolution, and simply they can’t. What is great an needs improvement in the United States?

1. Freedom of Speech, Freedom of Religion and pursuit of happiness. ( Equal Rights, Civil Rights, Human rights, Voting rights) We to learn more about our rights.

2. Education – We need to invest in educating our society. The more we learned the more we know on how we can improve our society.

3. Health Insurance- everyone needs an affordable doctor and dentist

4. Capitalism is good but with rules and regulation. We should reward businesses that practice sustainability. Improve our relationship with our biggest trade partners.

5. Global Warming is dangerous to everyone. We are all seeing catastrophic record breaking events around earth. Wild Fires, Hurricanes, Tsunamis…

6. Racial discrimination has to stop!

7. Legalization of Marijuana

8. Invest in our infrastructure and national parks.

Whom ever wins, many blessings. I’m going to continue to work on myself. I’m going to win no matter who is in office.


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