The most influential |fruit| company in history.

Before turning into the most influential |fruit|, it already had value with vitamins and nutrients. But after being processed and fermented to wine. It brought out new ideas, bringing different social groups together and also brought destruction with excessive use.

How has one|fruit| influence our society ?

Wine plays an important role in bringing people together, a role that evolved from its origins in religious rites and ritual, where wine was a symbolic element, to the consolidation of wine culture across all social strata. Wine became a festive and energizing element of culture; a witness and facilitator of social exchange.

The culture of wine evolved alongside the various societies that make up our modern world. Wine, its production and consumption, has accompanied western civilization for thousands of year. Since the early sign of its production in the Fertile crescent area, approximately 6000-8000 years ago, the culture of wine has spread out through the middle east, the Nile valley and the Mediterranean basin. Wine became part of the recorded history in ancient Egypt were it was used as part of religious ceremonies and by the Pharaos and the elite.

Grape cultivation, winemaking, and commerce in ancient Egypt c. 1500 BC.

Phoenicians through their extensive trading activities were, most likely, those responsible for the expansion of the wine culture to the rest of the Mediterranean basin and Greece and Rome in particular. Greek and Roman civilization played an important role in establishing an important role for wine in the daily life including the identification of potential medicinal properties; at the same time they were keenly aware of the potential disruptive effects of its excessive use and inebriation.

Top grape producing countries?

The top list of grape producing countries today (2012):

  1. China
  2. Italy
  3. USA
  4. France
  5. Spain
  6. Chile
  7. India
  8. Argentina
  9. Iran

China is not only the largest producing country for grapes but for all fruits. Check out the the best |fruit| company according to U.S. consumer post for more information on the largest fruit producing country.

Top wine producing countries?

The top 3 major wine regions of the world are France, Italy, and Spain. They produce almost half of all the wine produced in the world. Vino Veritas – the truth in wine.

What other |fruits| that are influencing our world ? What does drinking wine say about our society? Why do human like to do drugs ?


The world’s grape production 2000-2012


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