Activate now – Field Notes

Cultural broker’s first job is to listen. We cannot do our job if we do not listen. Take precise notes for review. Being in service to the community brings out a constructive output. Let’s listen to the youth. We strive for a natural resolution with confidence.

Who is your audience? How do we reach your audience with a minimal and with a precise message?

Implementing ideas and concepts holds the amount of importance as our first job to listen. Below are the steps of a cultural broker:

  1. Listen
  2. Interpret
  3. Execution
  4. Review

Jealousy and Pride are within us, recognized the feelings when we see others work and when we execute our work.


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Energize vs. Excitement

We want to be energize more like battery on electronic device ready to fulfill their tasks. Excitement sounds more chaotic to be less in controlled the energized.

Cultural Broker + Cultural Curator

Sharing and communication of culture. D&F

Connecting different cultures around the world.

Culture is divided into three categories as listed below:

  • Lifestyle (Examples; Sports, Geography, Hobbies and Finance)
  • Traditions (Examples; History, Religion, language and Government)
  • Identity (Examples; Food, Music, Art and Design)

Cultural brokers have to travel.

Coffee School in Sao Paulo – Escola de Cafe en Sao Paulo

Coffee has high levels of acidity.

Interpretation is a perspective after you have listened and taken notes.

Online store is always growing.

Thankful for everything, espcially my health.

Writing about seducing women can be whole blogg website on its own.

Build school for like minded individuals who want to learn about other cultures and share theirs .

Culture School | Coffee Place | Restaurant

Lifestyle curator _ Art curator

When in Sao Paulo in the Pihinerios area you have to visit a bar called No Name. Its dive a bar the food and location are great. Its right across the Federique Couthino metro station.

Ask for a table outside if available. Order a cold beer and some mini pastel. And just sit there people watch I recommend around 5pm you see everyone heading home. Note beautiful women everywhere in Brazil.

no name bar is located Auriflana and Pinheiros .

Cultural broker has to listen first before anything, take accurate notes, and asking questions if the communication is not clear.

Helpful questions are

  • Clarification (example: may you clarify what meant in this particular part?)
  • Verification (example: verification of account # 12948sae44, is that correct ?)
  • Repetition (example: excuse may have repetition, I’m not sure I understood)

When I think of design sometimes i think about supercars like Lamborgihini or Ferrarri. Ask your self how would feel driving that type vehicle. I would ” Slick like a Gato” Jay-z

The lines of those vehicles are smooth and have a slickness to it. It would be an luxury experience. Culture is an experience. We are brokering experiences. We are brokering luxurious experience. We are brokering the human experience.


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