The financial benefits of the legalization of marijuana. History of Marijuana in Art and health benefits

Cultural Broker

What are the economic and health benefits of marijuana?

I smoked for the first time back in high school but in college, I really really smoked and I understood why people smoke weed.

It’s a drug it has benefits but like anything we can abuse it. In my opinion if you have to do any drug you should do weed, I think its the best options better than alcohol but is not socially accepted.

Weed helps me with stress and to think. I remember many occasions where it has helped me. I remember in one occasion where I was working as a financial advisor and we where setting up my reoccurring payments for my mutual fund and the other financial advisors my supervisor, he was struggling to process the application for like 20-30 minutes. So much that I excuse myself to the restroom where I took a hit of my…

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