Hostel Covid19 – Cultural Broker

No more CHIMARRAO matte – comradeship

I stayed in hostel in Itaji, Playa Brava in Santa Catarina and what and awkward environment. The owner of the hostel was talking about he wants the guests to gather and socialize but with COVID19 everyone was in their own rooms . I thought to myself man COVID19 its going take more than vaccine to get back to how humans and hostels would interact. One of the Night shift manager offered us traditional matte picture below

I thought it was a cool experience and tea is one of my favorite beverage. I started to mess with what looks like a straw, you can’t mess with tea there’s a proper way on how to drink the tea and will get into that in a later post.

The night shift manager asked may I and he grabbed the matte and he showed how to drinking it but after that it was awkward to get the tea back because of COVID19.

Sharing a matte is brokering culture. Here what most people don’t know about CHIMARRAO matte, my girlfriend explained to me that its like a marijuana joint is something that you pass around in a social setting, I didn’t know that he prepared it and told me go ahead try .

That’s when the owner of the hostel express his frustration with the virus he wished that people could socialize and build relationships but everyone was practicing social distancing expect the night shift manager but he was young and sharing CHIMARRAO its culture he has done with friends and family since his youth and to be fair he did ask me before may I referring to the matte or CHIMARRAO.

I can’t wait to smoke joint with strangers traveling share hooka or CHIMARRAO and don’t have to be worry so much about viruses and bacteria.


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