Portable Churrasquero

Portable Churrasquero

Starting a fire with no lighter fluid is challenge but after you have created the braza turning on the charcoal it feels awesome. It’s an experience to cook in small charcoal grill. The smell, the flavor everything is different and some might argue better than any other cooking method.

I’m having a lot of fun with this small portable Churrasquero.

My New Year Resolution of writing for at least 20 minutes a day starts to today. Portable Churrasquero is an experience for all human connecting to primal feeling when you see the flame and you are in control.

Grill with charcoal is something that brings every culture together. From Texas University’s student tailgating to Brazilians at the beach grill on charcoal and socializing feels right.

One of my wishes for this 2021 year if for focus to complete and accomplish my goals. This year my focus is going to write about what we can learn about communication from Language Interpreters.

This post is a draft of a writing exercise.

Also I want write about cultural brokering what it is and how you can benefit from it.

I got 4 more minutes of my writing exercise. I want to use this also to say that I’m thankful for everything I have, especially my curious mind.

I have curious mind but its my courageous heart that is an explorer.

Living in Brazil has open my mind and made me appreciate who I’m and where I’m from.

Remember my father saying that sometimes someone’s environment doesn’t give appreciation but then you move someone to a new environment and you are appreciated more seen as special.


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