Sunday Post, Last Day of Feb. 2021

I’m building the habit to post something every Thursday and Sunday for the blog audience to know that on Sundays Cultural – will have new content for them. Sometimes its not as easy to keep pumping out good content.

When I refer to good content is a story that has reasearch, editing and visuals. I don’t have specific topic that I want to discuss so I’m going to share what I have been doing lately.

I’m currently challening myself and retaking some university classes and man I realize that I have been slacking it. What I mean is that this class has put my brain to work more than my job.

Accomplishing goals is the best feeling and a good reason to get your ass out off the couch. I finished liseting to David Goggings book Can’t Hurt me and I have found myself energezid to push myself physically and mentally.

Pushing myself physically has always been fun for me, I like all sports and to brag a little bit, I’m a natural. But when comes to academic and metal challenges I start quevering on the first sign of tiredness.

I’m goign to push myself harder than ever this March 2021.

I hope all of my readers have an excellent week. Keep pushing towards greatness.


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