Vision – Mission Statement

The vision and mission of my life and blog our 6 keywords: Energy, Focus, Peace, Love, Health and Fun.

Health care plan includes insurance, vaccine, and preventive care.

Time with family and friends.

Career Advancement [Interpreting] [Coaching][Communication]

Blog [express-yourself] [store][art]

Podcast – Reading Exercise [express-myself][voiceover][Linguistic – the study of languages]

Create – Creation – Creativity [Draw] [ART]

Travel to the United States, Mexico, Europe, Latin America [plane ticket around the world]

Eliminate Debt = Improved Credit Score Goal 750plus restore credit

Eat vegetables everyday. [Mental Stamina] [Reading Exercises]

Material Possessions: [Property/Condos, Sports Cars, SUVs] [Art]

Investments: Cash , Stocks, ETFs, NFTs, Education, Mortgages

Education: MBA, MPA, Online Education, Graphic Design, Engineering

Exercise: Pushup games, Cycling, Running, Swimming


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