Sunday April 25th 2020

Time is flying and I’m excited about my new sound studio. This is a preview of my week.

This week, I will start with a quick breakfast follow by reading for 45 minutes plus 45 minutes of writing/editing.

After that Interpreting work for at least 120 minutes take lunch break after interpreting.

After lunch I will walk off the food and turn that walk into exercise and a shower.

After showering I will read again for 45 minutes and edit/write for another 45 minutes.

After writing session back to the interpreting business. The law of repetition.

Important actions:

  • Pay rent on the 28th.
  • Filed taxes on the 28th.

Work on your second cash flow CANTALK and write and email to them.

Once I stat one of my interpreting, reading, writing/editing session be dead serious during that time.


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