I walk with faith…

“Andar com fé eu vou porque a fé nao costuma falhar”- Gilberto Gil

Walk with faith I will, because faith usually doesnt fail. – English Interpretation

Caminar con fé yo voy porque la fé no costumbra fallar. – Spanish Interpretation

Youtube video: https://youtu.be/MxPsWzSh6Lg

Studying and remote working in Brazil and listening to their music especially Gilberto Gil, you a get a sense a positive vibe. Its not about being religious, its about knowing that everything will work out in the end. Brazil’s musics especially samba can teach you a lot about happiness. The music was created in the Favelas or in the Brazilian slums and its joyous music the that the whole world enjoys to listen and dance.

An experience of joy in Brazil, was when I notice that majority of people at bars/restaurants and or even at BBQ/Churasco the guest either were playing an instrument and signing or they where dancing and signing but everyone knew the lyrics.

I was so impressed by this at bar that I asked my girlfriend at the time. If bars/clubs pay the people to dance and sign to get a crowd in their place/bar?

But that was not the case if you have the opportunity to go to nightclub scene in Vila Madalena in Sao Paulo you will understand every bar/restaurants has a Samba band and people singing and dancing.

In world and country full depression and anxiety is good to see people dancing, singing, smiling and songs lyrics about faith. I’m going to continue with faith because faith doesn’t accustomed to fail. If you are having a bad day just read this post and I hope it helps.

Thank you for reading.

Pedro Diaz aka Peter Days

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