Spanish and Portuguese Differences

The difference of Spanish and Portuguese * Brazilian

The majority as spanish speakers will say the portuguese is similar to spanish and that you could get by just by knowing spanish. imhere to tell you that they are complete different languaages.

A great example is the word napkim. This an items that you are going to ask for when you are dining out.

English : Napkim
Spanish: Servilleta
Portuguese: Guardanapo

There are many example especially when you are dining out. Check out the examples below.

English: Fork, Spoon, Knife, A Bottled Water, BBQ
Spanish: Tenedor, Cuchara, Cuchillo, Una botella de agua, Carne Asada
Portuguese: Garfo, c Colher,Faca, Uma garrafa de agua, Churrasco

If you are getting an idea they are complete different languages you wont be able to communicate in restaurant with spanish. But surprisingly enough there are many Portuguese speakers that speak english and not spanish.

Now with globalization laguages are mixing when you speak and write.
Lets take at look at some commanalities betwen spanish and portuguese.

English: Beer, Beach, Party, Music
Spanish: Cerveza, Playa, Fiesta, Musica
Portuguese: Cerveja, Praia, Festa, Musica

The majority of the people you interact with in Brazil will be in Portuguese they will do the effort to slow down and try to understand you even if you only know Spanish or English.

This post is to help language learner appreciate the differences in languages and make extra effort to learn a new language and not assume just because they are similar.


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