How do you have fun and stay discipline?

You have to decide when to turn on the button and when to turn it off.

For example today I went out had a drink ate a lot of sushi. I left the group after lunch they wanted to see some shops and I was out of it. On my way home I was thinking don’t get distracted a turn on the TV work 1st before you relax. Then I got home turned on Youtube before writing this blog and some how was able to turn of the entertainment and start writing.

I was able to this because I decided that every Sunday and Thursday I have to post something and it was easier to write something then to break my streak. Disciplined turned into habit.

To write every Thursday and Sunday. That’s why I’m writing it has become a habit more then a discipline.

My younger brother this week and he told me that he picked and second job which that means he has full time job and part-time job. He is happy and focus with his situation. I’m proud of him because working is going to keep him away from that streets partying all night.

Talking to him motivated me to work more push myself more.


This advice for myself: You are pushing at 40% you have a lot to give dont be cheap with yourself.

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