Health Care Speech – Draft #1

Fellow Americans,

Has a doctor or a nurse ever asked you from level 0 -10 (0 being no pain 10 being the most pain you have ever felt) what are you experiencing right now?

Have you ever answered a 10 for a headache?

You are headed might return when you see the medical bill afterwards.

What do you do?

I went to third world country where I was able to afford treatment from shifty clinic.

If you are that American and have the level 10 pain just go to emergency room or even better an urgent care. Bankruptcy only last 7 years, American life expectancy is about 78 years of age.

I’m here to speak for the 3rd of Americans that cannot afford a standard health care or underinsured.

I’m speaking to the half-million people that will go bankrupt this year because of medical bills In the United States. At that rate 16% of populations will be bankrupt in 10 years.

 According to PBS Healthcare crisis: delaying care for fear of medical bills is a downward spiral that leads to ultimately higher health care costs for all of us. More than one third of uninsured adults reported they have problems paying their bills, which helps explain why many of the uninsured don’t seek out the care they need until the last minute. But when an uninsured person is in crisis and cannot pay, that burden falls upon the insured population, the hospitals, the doctors and the government. And these billions of dollars of “uncompensated care” drive up health insurance premiums for everyone.

Data from the US Census Bureau indicates that a total of 27.5 million Americans had no health insurance during 2018. Having no health insurance also often means that people will postpone necessary care and forego preventive care – such as childhood immunizations and routine check-ups-completely. Because the uninsured usually have no regular doctor and limited access to prescription medications, they are more likely to be hospitalized for health conditions that could have been avoided.

If the health care system doesn’t check or allow every citizen in the U.S. to been seen in the long term or near future, it’s going to cost more. The health care system needs to prepare for the 27 million Americans that don’t see doctor regularly. We need to have a program where we invite everyone in the community that do not have health care insurance the opportunity to see doctor.

Have incentives where we encouraged of citizens to become doctors and nurses we should have list of all the uninsured and pay them visit with doctor check them out because when you catch something early is easy to treat but its late it’s going to be more expensive for everyone. Instead of playing defense we go on the attack.

Health care for their citizens should be your country’s first priority. If every citizen is able to receive annual checkups and treatment our country as whole is going to benefit. We are going to healthy and productive lives.

Ignoring the 27 plus million Americans that don’t have health care we are intensifying the problem for the future. A simple illness can turn in to life threating disease at any moment. If a third of our population can’t get treatment now, the health of our country will be in critical state.



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