Quotes and wants

“My ideal gig is one that produces something I’m proud of at the end of it.” – Joe Coleman

I feel exactly like Joe Coleman a freelance copywriter. To produce something that you are proud of you have to overcome a challenge. It’s probably not going to be easy it could be simple but not easy. When you are proud of your work you have invested time, energy and soul. Take this message and apply to your daily work make sure that at end of the day you are proud of your actions.

What great description of what a job should feel like thanks Joe Coleman.

“Everyone loves me, I love everyone and there are no problems” … “I’m on the floor nothings exists, time don’t exist, matter don’t exist only a noticeable acceptance from a divine power.” Mike Tyson on psychedelics.

The reason I choose to share this quote is because it reminded me of meditating and being at peace or in love. Also its similar to when you are not thinking of anything you are in the moment. I have shared the feeling without any psychedelics its the feeling of happiness and thankfulness.

It’s not absolute the same but an example in the micro perspective. I go to a boxing gym and I don’t have a problem with anyone. Everybody is friendly to me and I’m friendly back that reminds of what Mike was talking about having no problems.

You can get to place with no problems and everyone around treating you with kindness and you feel that bliss that God made you and accepts you just the way you are. It’s about being thankful for the experience the good, bad and ugly.

“Every time someone gets you mad they own you“ Mike Tyson.

Again, Mike with some philosophy. I’m the person that won’t get troubled by anything because of my experience early in life. There comes a time where your spouse, family member or friend will do something to tick you off that’s a great time to remember if they got you mad they own you.

“No one can criticize me worse than I can myself” Mike Tyson.

This is the truth. No one knows you like you do. You know the truth and you can use it to make yourself better.

On Aug. 23, 2021 there was a full moon and my wife told its good time for affirmations of what you want so here are my wants for 2021-2022.

My wants:

I want health and wealth

I want to get $49-$79hour interpreting work anywhere in the world

I want to have fun creating content and making $$$

I want to see my family soon

I want to be debt free

I want to be able to invest $2,500.00 USD into the stock market monthly to my portfolio

I want my wife dreams to come true

I want an all-terrain vehicles

I want peace

Ultimately, I want love

Love to create and to share with others.



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