Nervous Energy

Today I sent an important email and a I took a medical language assessment.

I have been wokring on this email for long time, I can’t really remember when I started but last week in was in my head all the time and thinking about the best way to say things, what points to highlights. I hope it accomplished the goal now the ball is out of my hands.

And then I had medical langauge assement, I was nervous had anxious energy all morning . After send that important email, I worked and asnwer some phones calls. I drank some coffee and had some breakfast my heart was rasing.

The feeling was similar to the ones 1st day of school or an important basketball game there is anticipation that builds nervous energy. In my mind I knew that I have to control it because the best results its when I’m realxed but focused.

The best way for me to control this energy was to get some work done before the test. Drink wasterand switch the coffee for tea. After my working in the for an hour I did a 20 minute yoga session, listening to my music and showered with hot cold water.

After all that I was at ease but still the anticipation existed. This feeling are reminder that I’m alive and thriving doing things that get me nervous because I care of the optimal result which so important for life success.

I don’t like the feeling of my heart rasing, feeling anxious and nervous but I understand that feeling exist because I want to improve and better myself so have to put myself throught test that makes me uncomfortable.

After the test the adminstrative given the examen was friendly we had a good conversation and all those feeling of anxiety and nervousness where gone.

I was listenig audiobook Think Fast and Slow and it was talking about how the our pupils dilate when we attempt diffuclt stuff. That’s interesting becasue that also happens when you are on certain type of drugs .

That made think and connect that our brain gets high when solving difficult problems.


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