Journalism Class Introduction

Greeting from a place with hundreds of beaches …  UBATUBA Brasil

I was born in raised in El Paso TX USA and my nomad lifestyle has brought me to South America.

Living the nomad style has opened up the world for me and writing has become my frien.

For work currently, I’m a language interpreter Spanish to English.

I want to be able to share with others the beautiful scenery, songs and stories you see and hear when you are traveling in foreign land.

I want to take journalism class because it will give structure to my ideas. Furthermore, with focus and hard work I can turn it into a career.

On my free time I like to draw, paint, hike, bicycle rides, sports and party once in while with a churrasco/BBQ with my wife and friends.

You can check out my most recent work and travels at  

Free Speech Comments

Think about what you know already about free speech within the context of journalism. Please go to the Forum below and post your thoughts on these questions:

What is the relationship between free speech and fair speech?

Free speech in relationship to fair speech are both presenting an idea, a message and one of them is showing different sides of the story and letting the public decide for themselves. Free speech and fair speech are related because both are expressing and sharing ideas. Free speech has few boundaries and fair speech has more parameters, facts and reason to back it up.

What are the “Do’s and Don’ts” that a journalist should be aware of when considering the free speech issue?

Do and don’ts I would say in journalism is to lie and make a story up without checking out any of the sources. Saying whatever to get a reaction.  Do’s is to remain unbiased not matter the story to say the truth even its not convenient for your side.  

What is the difference between free speech and hate speech?

Free speech in general I want to say its constructive but hate speech is to bring the destruction of something. Hate speech there are few facts and reasons its more filled with strong emotions. Hate speech it’s used to attack a subject.


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