Journalism Homework

What are the topics that science and technology reporters might cover?

Science and technology reporters might cover topics such as electric cars, self-driving automobiles, energy transitioning, sustainability, space, astronomy, physics, aircraft, and the list can go on and on. Science and technology seem that can be part of any field because we need science and technology even when it comes to farming vegetables and or data.  Science and technology reporters seem to be ahead of the general population regarding what our future will turn out to be.

Speaking from your own experience, what science and technology topics are the audiences most interested in?

In my experience, audiences are interested in science and technology involving social media, banking, and entertainment. The question is vague because each audience is looking for science and technology to help their specific field. Depending on the audience, the topics will change. In general, I would say audiences are interested in science and technology topics regarding health and well-being. Also, any technology or science that can make your life more convenient is something audiences would be most interested in.

Do you know what a follow-up story is? What are the reasons for writing a follow-up story?

A Follow-up story is going back for results, diagnosis, and plans based on the original story/hypotheses. The main reason for writing a follow-up story is to understand the results and conclusion of the original piece. Also, a follow-up story’s purpose is to find out If the plans have been executed and to determine if the hypothesis is true.

In your opinion, what does it take to be a good science and technology journalist?

If you are interested in your subject matter is going to make you a good science and technology journalist. To be good science and technology journalist, think you must be able to take complex ideas and simplify them to the general public and create examples of the application of science and technology for everyday use.


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