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Quote on winning.

“Some men give up their designs when they have almost reached the goal; While others, on the contrary, obtain a victory by exerting, at the last moment, more vigourous efforts than ever before.

Excerpt From
Words of Wisdom – 100 Inspirational Quotations
Various Authors
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Guy Ritchie Quote

This is a quote from Guy Ritchie from the Joe Rogan Podcast talking about the essence of storytelling.

“You can’t escape yourself, so return to yourself, and accept who you are.” -GR

“You have to leave yourself to understand the value of yourself. you have to loose stuff before you realize all the stuff that you are loosing its ephemeral & transitory it’s not yours, you are enough your are always enough but you’ve got to somehow prostitute yourself before you realize your own value that is the essence of all stories.” – Guy Ritchie

Journalism Class Introduction

Greeting from a place with hundreds of beaches …  UBATUBA Brasil

I was born in raised in El Paso TX USA and my nomad lifestyle has brought me to South America.

Living the nomad style has opened up the world for me and writing has become my frien.

For work currently, I’m a language interpreter Spanish to English.

I want to be able to share with others the beautiful scenery, songs and stories you see and hear when you are traveling in foreign land.

I want to take journalism class because it will give structure to my ideas. Furthermore, with focus and hard work I can turn it into a career.

On my free time I like to draw, paint, hike, bicycle rides, sports and party once in while with a churrasco/BBQ with my wife and friends.

You can check out my most recent work and travels at  

Free Speech Comments

Think about what you know already about free speech within the context of journalism. Please go to the Forum below and post your thoughts on these questions:

What is the relationship between free speech and fair speech?

Free speech in relationship to fair speech are both presenting an idea, a message and one of them is showing different sides of the story and letting the public decide for themselves. Free speech and fair speech are related because both are expressing and sharing ideas. Free speech has few boundaries and fair speech has more parameters, facts and reason to back it up.

What are the “Do’s and Don’ts” that a journalist should be aware of when considering the free speech issue?

Do and don’ts I would say in journalism is to lie and make a story up without checking out any of the sources. Saying whatever to get a reaction.  Do’s is to remain unbiased not matter the story to say the truth even its not convenient for your side.  

What is the difference between free speech and hate speech?

Free speech in general I want to say its constructive but hate speech is to bring the destruction of something. Hate speech there are few facts and reasons its more filled with strong emotions. Hate speech it’s used to attack a subject.

José Guadalupe Posada

Art and culture from Google is awesome and yesterday I found that it was Jose Guadalupe Posada birthday. I wanted to share some his art because he is latino specifically from Mexico. Cultural-broker where we interpret it art, language and society. Im very happy to find latino artist because it continues to give me references.

José Guadalupe Posada Aguilar was a Mexican political lithographer who used relief printing to produce popular illustrations. His work has influenced numerous Latin American artists and cartoonists because of its satirical acuteness and social engagement. He used skulls, calaveras, and bones to convey political and cultural critiques.

Among his most enduring works is La Calavera Catrina.

Graffiti Ubatuba Nature Murals

Ubatuba graffiti nature murals

Since I been living in Brasil one of thing that has stood out to my creative bone is the graffiti and murals thorough the country specially Sao Paulo. Now that I’m residing in Ubatuba a coastal city in Sao Paulo I continue to see murals and graffiti but now they have a twist.

I hope you all enjoy these photographs from a new shopping gallery in the center of Ubatuba beach.

Two of my hobbies murals and nature combine.

Graffiti and murals are culture bridges to art, media, society of the local region.

Drawing and painting is a hobby that I knew I liked but not until I got to Sao Paulo did I start taking seriously. I used to doodle when taking notes in classes, meetings and at work it help me control my energy.

It has become a habit now, I find myself drawing or painting something every day.

I will post more of my drawings and paintings in a portfolio type page.  

This a hobby that I found later on in my 30s. blog has many posts on murals and graffiti from Brazil.

Graffiti and murals belong in this cultural blog because are visual representation of the local culture.

You will find many photographs of murals and graffiti in this blog because it represents art, media and society in a wall.  

I hope one day I’m able to paint an awesome mural like one of these.

You might think that painting a mural and graffiti it has nothing to do with language interpreting.

I would argue that language interpreting is like painting murals.

Let me explain in both action you are interpreting a message in one you are using oral representation by language and words in the other you are using paint and color.  

Before you can interpret into another language, before you can paint you have to visualize the message, the idea.

I hope you enjoy this post. Please subscribe and donate for creative fuel.



Copywriter test


The two-best feeling

1. leaving home

2. arriving home

Think about the time you left home for a school test.

Think about when you left for a summer trip

Think about the time you left home for a job interview,

Thinking about when you went left your city on vacation

Think about the first time you travel out of state

Think about the first time you travel internationally

Think about coming out the door and pulling away from the driveway. (Sometimes we are in a hurry that we rushing we have confidence that we got it all in our bag and wallet and prayer for good sign

There’s nervousness, risk, adventure and unknow. The risk of leaving your comfort home. But you are ready because you went to Walmart for fresh food, ingredients, and provisions necessary for your adventure. You go to Walmart bc of trust, every dollar matters their prices, quality and flavor are second to none.

I go with Walmart because Walmart doesn’t not accustomed to fail.

You grab your fresh food and ingredients at Walmart your whatever provisions are needed

Now, think about the feeling when you arrive home from work

Think about the feeling when you arrive home after a long trip.

Think about the feeling after camping for 2 days and you are yearning to shower home.

Think about the feeling when you arrived home after a long drive.

Think about the feeling arriving home after rush hour traffic.

It’s a feeling of relieve that you made it, you are safe, you get to rest, and your level of stress reduces.

This thanksgiving dinner come to Walmart for safe location, where you can find everything you want and need for dinner. It’s the flavor everyone at home is accustomed too.

Now the convenience of an app technology allows you to pick up fresh food, ingredients, and provisions from your car at curbside.

Walmart is part of our journey leaving home and arriving.

It’s not only about price anymore it’s about the experience, flavor and a feeling that we trade with families in Americas and the rest of the world.

Don’t Forget to get the great value cranberry that your dad likes so much.

Assignment 1


1. What are the feelings you have when you leave home?

2. What feelings you have when you arrive home?


1. Arriving home after a long trip?

2. Don’t forget the great value cranberry sauce!

3. Organization of fresh food and ingredients

4. Get the option we all love growing up, Great Value.

5. Remember leaving home for an extended period of time?

6. Reduce stress and use curbside pickup.


1.You choose Walmart not only because of convenient but also the sense of relief that we are getting all we want in one place, right price and now from your car. You only truly appreciate this level of convenience and when you don’t have it you are living in another place far from it. Don’t take for granted Walmart mission to help people save money to live better.

2 To all Walmart A pillar in the community with jobs and schedules ready to serve the community by getting fresh food and supplies when the future looks weary. This Thanksgiving we given thank to you all that keep counting on Walmart to open up and serve the community.


1. use curbside for your convenience and safety

2.Pick up the great value original cranberry sauce your dad likes.

Assigment 2:


1.Everything you want for holiday decoration inside a Walmart

2. Organization of ready to use decorations for your holiday season          

3.Don’t forget the tree stand!

4. Natural or Fake? This year let’s check out Walmart selection on Christmas trees?

5. Love or hate Walmart is in the holiday decoration game


1.for a festive outlook this holiday season Walmart has the decoration for you

2 experience world renounce supply chain from Walmart for your holiday decoration.

3 Lets just stop at Walmart, they have everything we want and need for the holiday season including decorations.

4. Give the experience of decorating a Christmas tree to someone. You might think everyone has a Christmas tree to decorate but some family haven’t had a Christmas tree to decorate in years. If you have friend that doesn’t have Christmas tree this year. Buy her or him and get Christmas decoration is what you give. Celebrate your holidays with decorations of another year you can appreciate your surrounding little bit more


Headline: 26 characters

1. National Lipstick Day

2. New Lipstick bands and color

3. Pink Lipsticks

4. Lipstick Freedom

5. Red lipstick

Subhead: 50 characters

1. What is the best lipsticks for kissing?

2. What is the best lipstick for summer?

3. What is the best lipstick for a casual Sunday?

4.  What is your favorite color lipstick?

5. What is the best lipsticks hot summer weather?

Mother’s day

Push notification

1. thank you mother…

– for doing everything possible for me to live and to progress

2. mother earth,

pick up your phone you have notification saying how important you are.

Thank you for the water, food, and shelter. I promise to protect you as far as I’m here.

 A mother is son’s first true love, and the 1st son is most likely the mother’s last true love.