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Closing words for 2021

You got to take risks.

I took a big risk this year and I ended up marrying and living in another country and learning a new language.

It isn’t all rainbow and butterflies even thou there a lot of butterflies and rain in the tropical place where now I call home Ubatuba Brasil.

Sometimes we see images of people living and traveling to some amazing beautiful tropical places. And we assume it’s an easy life and everything looks pretty for them.

But there are always dark and difficult time that we all go through that you have to overcome to get to beach or place where you feel alive and thankful.

Sometimes beach towns are not as sophisticated as metropolis the humidity and the salt water destroy everything faster from food to metal.

To end the year 2021.

I realize this year that I always been happy. When I have been alone when I have been sad I always knew to enjoy it because it was not going to last forever. And thank God and my parents my culture and my experience for that mentality.

I remember walking in my home town of El Paso specifically Horizon City and I was walking alone and thinking man I felt sad spending a lot of time alone

My work is remote that means limited to no interactions with your colleagues  

I was single with dates and some of friends where looking more like snakes.

I just remember saying to myself enjoy the time that you are alone because there is going to be a time where you are going to be surrounded by good friends and family.

You are going to be bitching and thinking about that lonely walk in the desert how peaceful it is to be by yourself sometimes.

I here to remind you,

You can do whatever you want.

I have a new friend that I married and she always around me hahah.

Things change appreciate and if you are having a bad time just remembered that it’s not forever everything is temporary

Keep your head high and don’t be embarrassed to ask someone out on date.

And if you like him or her go in for a kiss don’t hesitate at least you will find out if they wanted to kiss you too J

The most important thing is that you are happy!

Be grateful for what you have even it’s a walk by yourself in your hometown.

Things are changing.

Things I learned in 2021:

1. be ready can adapt to any environment

2. choose right people

I just want to send positivity to everyone who has visited my site and heard my podcast.

I love being a prolific artist and creating a positive message. I’m excited to embark on of my biggest project democracy and Liberdade on map of SP.

Brazil has an important election coming up and just pray that candidate brings the people together and not separate them.

If you are interested in collaborating, please send an email or WhatsApp.

Thank you my one only guest Daniel English professor and translator what great conversation.

We are truly blessed. Every day we get better I promise just to hold of and have faith.

Every day you get to wake up, its one day that you get to appreciate the little things.

I have been reading the book the artist way by Julia Cameron and a lot of itself care.

Take care of yourself do something just for you and don’t feel guilty enjoying your pleasures.

Do what makes you happy.

To have peace and love you need discipline and responsibility.

Leaving my country gave a greater sense of the appreciation for my family, food, culture, friends. The sense of appreciation has grown intensely because you really don’t know if you ever going to see t or eat some of your favorite flavors

Enjoy your day.

Take it day by day

One thing I need to-do is organize the things that I want to get accomplished. The thing that is so big that its intimidating is writing a book. How I’m going to finish that son of bitch? The answer is writing each morning. Discipline

I was talking to my aunt telling her that sometimes I would say things to myself

Like that I would compare myself to my friends start bitching about how they have this and that and I don’t.

How I am ever going to compete with them

At the end of the day no one is stopping me from writing a book, blog twice a week, drawing, painting, and sharing online to the world now. I was just feeling sorry for myself.

I like painting with markers because it let goes of being perfect just completed the painting something is going to come out.

Peace and Love

Discipline and Responsibility

Pedro Diaz

Street Art 2021 SP

Do you like Street Art?

Do you like Graffiti?

There is an explosion of art in the Pinheiro’s, Vila Madalena area. There is street art universally in São Paulo, Brasil.

Would like to experience the street art of São Paulo?

Join me in on a tour of Latina America’s largest concrete jungle and enjoy all the color artist have added to high rise buildings.

The scene is inspiring.

Also learn São Paulo (SP) graffiti/ pixação history and some of the artist who make up the city’s great art culture. Maybe you have heard some of them already such as KOBRA, ENVIO, GEMEOS, NOVE….

You will discover many more in the notorious Beco do Batman and the surrounding neighborhoods. Between sight-seeing we will grab lunch a cold beer. It’s a shared experience and who knows you might leave your mark before the experience is over.

The first thing you notice when going into a big city like SP is the buildings sky scrapers they look endless old and new and in those building there three styles paint:

1. Pichação

2. Graffiti/ colorful mural

3. or a neutral color ( white grey cream

Most of the time it’s a combination of all three.

It’s full of graffiti and pichação. It’s a powerful feeling and if you think you like art and feel emboldening to leave your mark welcome to SP.

Pixação is a form of tagging that comes from Brazilian graffiti writers this style also known as Tag Reto (Straight Tag).

Brasil Pixo Reto is how young people sign their gang names on the top of Sao Paula buildings. Their letters are tall and structured just like the buildings that they have to scale, for them typography has become an extreme sport the font Brazil Reto pays homage to these new athletes of design.

Pixar it’s a graphic representation falling somewhere between letters and symbols, the pixo, short for pixação, is a visual element that infuses the São Paulo landscape.

It can be seen on tents, walls, houses, and buildings, both commercial and residential.

Protest graffiti in Brazil is not new.

Pixação emerged in the city during the 1980s, a time of political turmoil within Brazil. The country was transitioning from a dictatorship to a democracy.

Cultural customs that were seen as menacing by the military dictatorship started to come to the surface as Brazil opened up and the military started to retrieve in Brazilian society.

It has inspired me so much I haven’t stop painting since I got here to SP and thank god for my beautiful wife that support my hobbies an encourages them on me and bought me supplies ex. markers and to go out there and pixar.

If you are lucky to live close by to an outside open space art gallery like Beco do Batman you will find a big bang explosion of street art and it continues to grow. Where there is always something going on with art and music great place to hang out on weekends.

I have always wanted to create my own business I always thought artist and entrepreneurs have the coolest job

I thought it was a luxury to be painter or writer or go to school for that. I thought it was for the lucky who found something they were passion it about early or rich kids.

I went to business school because I thought if I don’t get a finance degree I’m not going to get good paying job and I’m not going to be able to help my family.

I never one considers studying something was interested in, the only thing was interested was money and when that is your only interest it’s sad to certain extent. But because I come working family thought if I could just get enough money I can fix my family’s problems.

It was the wronged mentality, in finance I would get Cs in my classes I was interested in money of course but not as much as marketing, designing, and planning the idea part which I would get As.

Also thinking back, I went into finance because I wanted to challenge myself and I thought marketing was easy. But now that I am looking back it seems like it was easier, because it was more a natural skill for me.

Not until later did I start meeting people who work in the art, advertising, marketing world I thought they had the coolest job.

Now as an adult I’m realizing the artist draw and or write as form of expression and we all express each other in different ways. Now that I’m conscious of my likes, my interest and my preferences those are signs of my personality expressing itself.

I started think back and realized I have always been an artist. The idea of creating painting images is a turn on for me and because I have plenty of ideas and images I want to get on paper.

Now thanks to my wife who encourages me and recommended the book the Artist way by Julia Cameroon, I’m able to create and believe in my art and in my preferences will guide me to where I want to be. Graffiti, street art, SP … have given me a new life to my artist self and some new lessons.

Here are some of the rules you need to follow if you are into pixar in SP

1. You cannot tag or write on wall that have already graffiti mural or a pichação you have to find your own place anything is canvas in street art use creativity to grab the people’s attention.

2. Don’t get caught

Like a James Brown says, moving and grooving hahah.

Street art is funky music you think how cool of a job that would be to have but that’s where you are wrong it not a job it’s an expression of creativity of funky women and man.

Street art and murals represent various expression from white black murals with a gothic kind feel express from seriousness of about silent suffering of our women well one in particularly that is included in this tour

Of course, most street art graffiti were done in expression of having fun and that bring me back to the funk you will find a lot of colorful murals that give nice flavoring like salt to steak to the many grey buildings. what a little seasoning can do a stake is the same color does to the building.

Join me on a street-art graffiti tour where you will discover many street art pieces and artist. Great for taking pictures and blogging.


For creative fuel 🙂

Thanks for the support.


My Drawing

Two types of live interpreting.


And Yes, I can provide two ways of interpreting.

1. Consecutively

This where there’s a dialogue for most the time.

Person speaking in English or Spanish speaker talks in short phrases and gives time for the interpretation. It’s like tennis match back forth and done well it has a good flow.

2. Simultaneously

This where I’m interpreting into at the same time as the speaker. This option you need equipment/ that gets my audio to the right audience.  This is like rollercoaster ones it starts there is no going back until the end. The interpreter should have knowledge about scene to perform accurately.


1. Consecutively $200hr

2. Simultaneously $1,200hr

I hope I was able to explain clearly. Please if you need more info please feel free to contact me. I have my own professional website.


Pedro Diaz

Spanish Interpreter


Dec. 10 2021

Definition of Cultural Broker’s logo

My logo is about the identity.

A fingerprint with the outline of planet earth.

Planet earth is filled with diversity and that’s what makes it great.  

This logo represents us in person and online.

It’s about recognizing that us identify is unique there is no one in the world d that has the same finger print as you do.

A then again, we share so much but you are still unique.

It’s the appreciation of exceptionality of the world we live on.

Let’s celebrate what makes us different and what brings us together!

For example: BBQ,  Churrasco, Carne Asada, Cerveja, Cerveza,  Beer,  Beach Playa Praia

Marijuana Weed Macohana Art Movies Music

Cultural broker is bridge between different languages, and culture.

It’s about self-identity

It’s about self-improvement

It’s about self- discovery

The logo is about educating ourselves informally and formally

It’s about experiencing other culture

It’s about our individual stories,

It’s the story of my family my mother and father and my siblings my sister bothers and now my wife and her family.

It’s about love.

The best type of work I like completing is one that I’m going to be proud of at the end.

I haven’t written in a while I am having been drawing and painting lately and I’m so happy to announce the growth of the cultural is having in Brazil

I just fell in love with art and color.

I have always felt like a creative person and never really looked inside for guidance.

Now I know that I am artist. Even in university I wanted to be an entrepreneur create something innovative something that can make change and changes.

And I didn’t know how to feed it when younger now I’m able to acknowledge myself and feed my creativity.

I’m an entrepreneur.

Is someone that is a leader and walk her or his path.

In a way we are all entrepreneurs and artist we all have a unique story, unique vocabulary a unique experience and is where you connect with different cultures.

This place where we share stories.

Welcome and thank you for everyone that like the new logo.

My message to Canelo

Canelo and team,

I’m professional interpreter and I saw the fight and I saw the commentary after wards.

I’m sorry to say but that the interpreter omitted and change the message multiple times. In addition, he was not taking notes.

Canelo deserves the best and that’s from El Paso TX.

We serve the Latino community I have interpreter for United States Citizenship Services (USCIS) for immigrants and immigration officers. In my time with USCIS I was trained to interpret word for word.

I also have experience working with lawyers, doctors and nurses.  

When the stakes are high the interpreter needs to be 100% accurate.

Best and Congratulations! Viva Mexico!

Pedro Diaz

Canelo y equipo,

Soy intérprete profesional y vi la pelea y vi los comentarios después.

Lamento decirlo, pero el intérprete omitió y cambió el mensaje varias veces. Además, no estaba tomando notas.

Canelo se merece lo mejor y eso es del El Paso TX.

Servimos a la comunidad latina. Tengo experencia como intérprete para los Servicios de Ciudadanía de los Estados Unidos (USCIS) para inmigrantes y oficiales de inmigración. En mi tiempo con USCIS fui entrenado para interpretar palabra por palabra.

También tengo experiencia trabajando con abogados, médicos y enfermeras.

Cuando hay mucho en juego, el intérprete debe ser 100% preciso.

Saludos y muchas felicidades! Viva Mexico!

Pedro Diaz