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Buddha’s first teachings.

“Because there’s no perfect place anywhere. One of the Buddha’s first teachings was that life is suffering. He didn’t just mean heartrending, painful, traumatic suffering, but something more basic than that. It doesn’t matter how good we have it or how basically happy we are, things arise every day that leave us feeling discontented or disappointed.”

Excerpt From The Dude and the Zen Master Jeff Bridges & Bernie Glassman This material may be protected by copyright.

You cannot appreciate truly what’s in front of you until its gone. You truly don’t understand what you have until its gone. When its gone you remember the details that made you feel happy or special.

One of the best feeling in life for me is the feeling of gratefulness. When you are feeling down or sad its hard to see and realize our blessings.


June 20 -26 2022 Notes

Exercise morning and evenings.

Become a teacher in this society. Be critique of the nation, a critic of society doing it systematically & sharing with people.

Achievement : a thing done successfully, typically by effort, courage and or skill. The process or fact of achieving something .

Diversifying financial portfolio.

Psychology research and counseling

Medical Certificate