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Graffiti Ubatuba Nature Murals

Ubatuba graffiti nature murals

Since I been living in Brasil one of thing that has stood out to my creative bone is the graffiti and murals thorough the country specially Sao Paulo. Now that I’m residing in Ubatuba a coastal city in Sao Paulo I continue to see murals and graffiti but now they have a twist.

I hope you all enjoy these photographs from a new shopping gallery in the center of Ubatuba beach.

Two of my hobbies murals and nature combine.

Graffiti and murals are culture bridges to art, media, society of the local region.

Drawing and painting is a hobby that I knew I liked but not until I got to Sao Paulo did I start taking seriously. I used to doodle when taking notes in classes, meetings and at work it help me control my energy.

It has become a habit now, I find myself drawing or painting something every day.

I will post more of my drawings and paintings in a portfolio type page.  

This a hobby that I found later on in my 30s. blog has many posts on murals and graffiti from Brazil.

Graffiti and murals belong in this cultural blog because are visual representation of the local culture.

You will find many photographs of murals and graffiti in this blog because it represents art, media and society in a wall.  

I hope one day I’m able to paint an awesome mural like one of these.

You might think that painting a mural and graffiti it has nothing to do with language interpreting.

I would argue that language interpreting is like painting murals.

Let me explain in both action you are interpreting a message in one you are using oral representation by language and words in the other you are using paint and color.  

Before you can interpret into another language, before you can paint you have to visualize the message, the idea.

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Do you like Japanese Food?

Do you like Japanese culture?

I would like to invite you to Sao Paulo BRL.

It’s the place with most Japanese people outside of Japan

I’m from El Paso TX, the Chihuahua desert and its expensive to eat good sushi there.

in Sao Paulo you could find affordable incredibly delicious Japanese food.

There a famous concentration of Japanese culture in the region Liberdade Sao Paulo BRL.

Many Japanese residents, restaurants, stores, and on certain days I believe in the weekend they have street market that includes a food post, yes if you are a foodie this where you want to grab a couple things.

There’s a mix feria/marketplace post consists of ready-to-eat foods or drinks sold by a hawker, or vendor, in a street or other public place, such as at a market or fair.

 I have found the Gaviota a Japanese specialty store.

Baozi dumpling, Jiaozi Guioza, some of favorite items

Here are some photos:

Pinheiros Municipal Market

Octopus Art at Pexaria Fatima

Other than language, food has to be the largest part of any culture.

If you are staying in São Paulo in the Pinheiros, Vila Madalena area for longer period of time, you are going to want to know places for food at market rate.

And if you are going to cook for yourself and not eat out all the time. I recommend two places for food groceries.

1. La Feira en na Rua (street farmers market) different days for different area. I go on Saturday on Rua Mourato Coelho around closing time 1:00pm its called Chepa that’s when the vendor markdown their prices. You can get 3 for 5 at the begin normal hours but at the end you could get 5 for 5 vegetables packages. Side note they have the best a Pastel treat and a Caldo de Cana ask for the lemon flavor one. You later use to mix it with cachaca original cocktail I do for family and friends.

Large Vegetables Street Farmers Market São Paulo

Second option personal recommedation for foodie just a regular person or is the the municipal pinherioas market. .. there are many place to eat under one roof. Here are some of my favorite:

1. Reina do Mercado restraurant great place for classic Brazilian dishes they have fresh oysters at Mercado municipal Pinherio

Contra file (RIBEYE) and Salad
Oysters and Beer

2. Entrepostos Das Feijoada its one my favorite place to buy all types of Brazilian nuts, pecans, chocolates, dry fruit and meats etc etc etc

Nuts, Dried fruits and meats, etc etc

3. It the center of all the greats shops the center of fresh vegetables and fruits.

Center Fresh Fruit and Vegetables

4. Poultry: Meats: Boi Cow, Fish, Pork, Chicken .

One of my favorite place to have lunch and shop for my groceries after all in one place.

It’s a culinary center.

It’s a complete food court and good places to sets a price point for your weekly grocery run around the city.