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Writing History

We know that development of Sumerian writing took at least hundreds, possibly thousands, of years. As we shall see, the prerequisites for those developments consisted of several features of human society the determined whether a society would find writing useful, and whether the society could support the necessary specialist scribes. Many other human societies besides

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Editing the process requires a clearly defined goal and knowledge of the distinct methods for how to correct, condense, and organize information. You must be able to dissect, discard, and recompose and facet of the work to properly reflect their message. A critical mind will collect data through many channels. Editing also involves reflection-the time

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The difference between Socialism and capitalism…

The difference between Socialism and capitalism is not primarily a difference in technique. One cannot simply change from one system to another as one might install a new piece of machinery in factory, and then carry on as before, with the same people in control. Obviously, there is also needed a complete shift of power.

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