“Macondo no es un lugar, si no un estado de ánimo.” Gabriel García Marquez.

Macondo is not a place, but a state of mood. Interpretation by Pedro Diaz.

A cultural broker interprets language, media and society. The cultural broker renders the message accurately, conveying the content and nature of the original idea, taking into consideration its cultural setting.

What can I do for you.

  1. Interpretation of the English and Spanish languages.
  2. Share and write cultural stories.

Please go to cultural-broker.com blog and podcast to discover news stories. Also earn how to become a guest in the Latino American Experience podcast by emailing the host Pedro to email: pdiaz243@gmail.com. English, Spanish and Brazilian Portuguese.

Our mission to create strategic creative communication in traditional and modern mediums. By means of different cultures, languages and localism. Learning from different cultures can teach you about your own. In conclusion creating and communicating a precise message to do the right audience. Let’s celebrate what brings people together!

Cultural-broker.com, because anywhere you travel to in this world or out of space now! Your culture will follow. From El Paso USA, Juarez MEX, Veracruz MEX, Puerto Rico US, Madrid ESP, Barcelona ESP, Austin US, Dallas US, New York USA, London ENG, Manchester ENG Rio de Janeiro BRL and Sao Paulo BRL, Sydney AUS, Melbourne AUS …

Your mood, mindset and humor or lack of will follow you. Traveling and learning a new language will allow you to learn more about your identity. Also, with an open mind you could learn from others.

Grandparents and parents are the roots of culture and languages. Professional interpreting services are mainly for them. When to use an interpreter? Immigrations scenarios, interviews, business investments, an interpreter is a broker of language and culture.

Experience interpreting for more than 5 years in distinct fields. Such as immigration with the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services USCIS and Legal Aid Canada. Finance experience with many U.S. banks and insurance including Chase and Progressive. More recently with Drs. and nurses with my medical contract.


The conclusion is about creating and communicating a precise message to do the right audience. An obsession with creating and communicating has started.

Let’s connect you with different cultures!