The short answer is a cultural bridge.

The long answer is a combination of certain skills and tastes buds. By using my language abilities to connect people and showing the beauty that is contain in your unique culture. With language interpreting, traveling, photography, illustration and storytelling I can help bridge cultures. In addition its important not to shy away from the brutal side of society and to a interpreter and illustrate that as well.

The border city of El Paso TX USA and Ciudad Juarez Chihuahua Mexico where I lived that majority of my life, and where most of my family comes from is the reason why I do what I do. This city has given me the understanding of two countries, two languages, two cultures, two sexes, two worlds.

Two ways of living… I’m better person because of the combination. Back in the day they call people like me Chicano maybe people still do. It used to be used as derogatory term but NOW we flipped that made into prideful word.

For people not familiar with the term Chicano is someone who is Mexican but was born in the United States. I have never felt 100% American nor 100% Mexican. I have always been a combination of them both and that’s what makes me, me.

The people that live in these beautiful places are mostly kind, accepting and welcoming. One prime example of that vibrant community is the University of Texas at El Paso where there is tremendous amount of energy, self-discovery and many smart individuals.

The ability to be fluid in two languages have opened the doors of employment opportunities that I have never taught that I would do. Now that job has humbled me and gave me perspective and purpose in life. The profession of interpreting for Spanish and English.

I didn’t really understand the value of interpreting until I worked for the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) and traveled to Brazil.

I worked along side asylum officers and got glimpse of the brutality of societies and the demand for interpreting language and understanding culture.

Traveling to Brazil increased the appreciation of being bilingual and opened my taste for new art and cultures.

The long answer may never have an ending.

To conclude and recommit to my blog with this new homepage to create content with an appreciation of language, culture, and art.

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