Language Interpretation

Freelance Spanish Interpreter interpreter with rich experience in immigration, finance and medicine.

Experience interpreting for:

  • United States Citizenship and Immigration Services USCIS ( Asylum Officers) and Legal Aid Canada
  • Finance U.S. Banks and Insurance Companies
  • U.S. Medical Industry (Doctors, Nurses and Admin.)


Podcast is about self-improving being honest and learning for others through language, art and business.

Communicating a precise message to do the right audience.

Daniel Lara Cesar (English, Spanish and Portuguese) Cultural Broker – The Latino Experience

Meet Daniel a language tranlator and english professor from São Paulo we disscuss culture, books, food, movies and much more Please share like subcribe visit and learn more about Daniel's work at or instagram larinhas_foodnbeer — Support this podcast:
  1. Daniel Lara Cesar (English, Spanish and Portuguese)
  2. Closing words for 2021.
  3. Meditation episode
  4. Voice over demo
  5. Practicing Patience

Get in touch

Have something you want me to discuss on the podcast?

Use the hashtag #attheforkshow on Twitter or send a message from the contact form.


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