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Definition of Cultural Broker’s logo

My logo is about the identity.

A fingerprint with the outline of planet earth.

Planet earth is filled with diversity and that’s what makes it great.  

This logo represents us in person and online.

It’s about recognizing that us identify is unique there is no one in the world d that has the same finger print as you do.

A then again, we share so much but you are still unique.

It’s the appreciation of exceptionality of the world we live on.

Let’s celebrate what makes us different and what brings us together!

For example: BBQ,  Churrasco, Carne Asada, Cerveja, Cerveza,  Beer,  Beach Playa Praia

Marijuana Weed Macohana Art Movies Music

Cultural broker is bridge between different languages, and culture.

It’s about self-identity

It’s about self-improvement

It’s about self- discovery

The logo is about educating ourselves informally and formally

It’s about experiencing other culture

It’s about our individual stories,

It’s the story of my family my mother and father and my siblings my sister bothers and now my wife and her family.

It’s about love.

The best type of work I like completing is one that I’m going to be proud of at the end.

I haven’t written in a while I am having been drawing and painting lately and I’m so happy to announce the growth of the cultural broker.com is having in Brazil

I just fell in love with art and color.

I have always felt like a creative person and never really looked inside for guidance.

Now I know that I am artist. Even in university I wanted to be an entrepreneur create something innovative something that can make change and changes.

And I didn’t know how to feed it when younger now I’m able to acknowledge myself and feed my creativity.

I’m an entrepreneur.

Is someone that is a leader and walk her or his path.

In a way we are all entrepreneurs and artist we all have a unique story, unique vocabulary a unique experience and cultural-broker.com is where you connect with different cultures.

This place where we share stories.

Welcome and thank you for everyone that like the new logo.


Pinheiros Municipal Market

Octopus Art at Pexaria Fatima

Other than language, food has to be the largest part of any culture.

If you are staying in São Paulo in the Pinheiros, Vila Madalena area for longer period of time, you are going to want to know places for food at market rate.

And if you are going to cook for yourself and not eat out all the time. I recommend two places for food groceries.

1. La Feira en na Rua (street farmers market) different days for different area. I go on Saturday on Rua Mourato Coelho around closing time 1:00pm its called Chepa that’s when the vendor markdown their prices. You can get 3 for 5 at the begin normal hours but at the end you could get 5 for 5 vegetables packages. Side note they have the best a Pastel treat and a Caldo de Cana ask for the lemon flavor one. You later use to mix it with cachaca original cocktail I do for family and friends.

Large Vegetables Street Farmers Market São Paulo

Second option personal recommedation for foodie just a regular person or is the the municipal pinherioas market. .. there are many place to eat under one roof. Here are some of my favorite:

1. Reina do Mercado restraurant great place for classic Brazilian dishes they have fresh oysters at Mercado municipal Pinherio

Contra file (RIBEYE) and Salad
Oysters and Beer

2. Entrepostos Das Feijoada its one my favorite place to buy all types of Brazilian nuts, pecans, chocolates, dry fruit and meats etc etc etc

Nuts, Dried fruits and meats, etc etc

3. It the center of all the greats shops the center of fresh vegetables and fruits.

Center Fresh Fruit and Vegetables

4. Poultry: Meats: Boi Cow, Fish, Pork, Chicken .

One of my favorite place to have lunch and shop for my groceries after all in one place.

It’s a culinary center.

It’s a complete food court and good places to sets a price point for your weekly grocery run around the city.


“Macondo no es un lugar, si no un estado de ánimo.” Gabriel García Marquez.

Macondo is not a place, but a state of mood. Interpretation by Pedro Diaz.

A cultural broker interprets language, media and society. The cultural broker renders the message accurately, conveying the content and nature of the original idea, taking into consideration its cultural setting.

What can I do for you.

  1. Interpretation of the English and Spanish languages
  2. Share and write cultural stories.

Please go to cultural-broker.com blog and podcast to discover news stories. Also earn how to become a guest in the Latino American Experience podcast by emailing the host Pedro to email: pdiaz243@gmail.com.  English, Spanish and Brazilian Portuguese.

Create strategic creative communication in traditional and modern mediums. By means of different cultures, languages and localism. Learning from different cultures can teach you about your own. In conclusion is about a creating and communicating a precise message to do the right audience. Let’s celebrate what brings people together!

Cultural-broker.com, because anywhere you travel to in this world or out of space now! Your culture will follow. From El Paso USA, Juarez MEX, Veracruz MEX, Puerto Rico US, Madrid ESP, Barcelona ESP, Austin US, Dallas US, New York USA, London ENG, Manchester ENG Rio de Janeiro BRL and Sao Paulo BRL, Sydney AUS, Melbourne AUS …

Your mood, mindset and humor or lack of will follow you. Traveling and learning a new language will allow you to learn more about your identity. Also, with an open mind you could learn from others.

Grandparents and parents are the roots of culture and languages. Professional interpreting services are mainly for them. When to use an interpreter? Immigrations scenarios, interviews, business investments, an interpreter is broker of language and culture.

Think about culture. Think about identity. Who are you? Where are you from? What have you learned from your ancestors?

Culture is intertwined with history.

And history tends to repeat itself.

What is being repeated now in 2021?

What does that mean for Latino Americans?

What is the difference between Hispanic and Latino?

Note: Hispanic identifies that you are a decedent from Spain. That does not include Brazil because that is a country that their origin goes back to Portugal.

That’s why the Latino American Experience is used to include Brazil in the discussion.

The word “latino” identifies what kind of language is used in the countries. Note many languages are based on or are derivatives of Latin such as French. Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, and others.

The name Latino American Experience brings together a share language origin and geography.

Brazil is the only country in South America that doesn’t use Spanish as their national language. That’s why is called the Latino American experience and not the Hispanic American experience to include my Brazilian sisters and brothers. 

Conflict in all Latino Americans when they are born and raised in the United States. That is to assimilate as much possible into the English American culture or resist an honor your heritage, your roots.

Latino identity is questioned?

Not until University do you start to discover that there are many successful Latinos in the United States. But many are not part of popular culture in US for many reasons.

Traveling to Mexico City and Sao Paulo in Brazil and reading more Spanish authors. Made me realize about the other world that doesn’t speak or write English.

Traveling opens your mind, gives perspective and confidence. Travel more stay longer periods outside your country, it’s a challenge to not depend on the physical opportunities but to create skills that can be done digitally anywhere in the world.

What skills/jobs can be done digitally all over the world? Many more now because of the pandemic and the internet society is realizing that many jobs and meetings can be done remotely.

Improving writing and communication skills are an investment that are going to improve your overall life and get you closer to your goals.

Traveling makes you realized how valuable it is to know different languages and the importance of knowing how to read, speak and write sound English and Spanish. Living in Brazil and learning a new language exercises your other languages you already know. Portuguese and Spanish are closely related but still are different in many ways.

You have to become addicted to good habits.

You have to become addicted to great habits, to God habits, to extraordinary habits, to your dreams habits.

Here are some of mine:

1. Work – take care of my responsibilities ( RN I’m interpreting check out services)

2. Exercise – invest in your health mental and physical health it will pay the best dividends

3. Read

4. Draw

5. Write

6. Sex

What do you think? Comment Below:

More habits that make you happy or simply make you feel good?