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Quote on winning.

“Some men give up their designs when they have almost reached the goal; While others, on the contrary, obtain a victory by exerting, at the last moment, more vigourous efforts than ever before.

Excerpt From
Words of Wisdom – 100 Inspirational Quotations
Various Authors
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MASP – Museu de arte de São Paulo

Beatriz Milhazes is a Brazilian artist. She is known for her work juxtaposing Brazilian cultural imagery and references to western Modernist painting. Below are some of the picture from exposition inside the MASP. Her work is characterized by the use of color, geometric structures, arabesques, florals and ornamental motifs to create compositions of intense optical dynamism. Below areI hope you enjoy

You have to become addicted to good habits.

You have to become addicted to great habits, to God habits, to extraordinary habits, to your dreams habits.

Here are some of mine:

1. Work – take care of my responsibilities ( RN I’m interpreting check out services)

2. Exercise – invest in your health mental and physical health it will pay the best dividends

3. Read

4. Draw

5. Write

6. Sex

What do you think? Comment Below:

More habits that make you happy or simply make you feel good?

Hanging Clothes to air dry

I was watching a Mexican movie yesterday on Netflix padre no tan padre and in one of the scenes the old man critics the Brazilian for hanging their swim wear some sort of top to dry. In Brazil it’s common for people to hang their clothes to air dry but in Mexico its seems as ghetto to dry your underwear/clothes in an open space.

I don’t have problem because that how dry my clothes in São Paulo. In the United States I know most people have a dryer at home or a laundry mat close by. What do you think about air drying your clothes outside ?

Comment Below

Activate now – Field Notes

Cultural broker’s first job is to listen. We cannot do our job if we do not listen. Take precise notes for review. Being in service to the community brings out a constructive output. Let’s listen to the youth. We strive for a natural resolution with confidence.

Who is your audience? How do we reach your audience with a minimal and with a precise message?

Implementing ideas and concepts holds the amount of importance as our first job to listen. Below are the steps of a cultural broker:

  1. Listen
  2. Interpret
  3. Execution
  4. Review

Jealousy and Pride are within us, recognized the feelings when we see others work and when we execute our work.


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Energize vs. Excitement

We want to be energize more like battery on electronic device ready to fulfill their tasks. Excitement sounds more chaotic to be less in controlled the energized.

Cultural Broker + Cultural Curator

Sharing and communication of culture. D&F

Connecting different cultures around the world.

Culture is divided into three categories as listed below:

  • Lifestyle (Examples; Sports, Geography, Hobbies and Finance)
  • Traditions (Examples; History, Religion, language and Government)
  • Identity (Examples; Food, Music, Art and Design)

Cultural brokers have to travel.

Coffee School in Sao Paulo – Escola de Cafe en Sao Paulo

Coffee has high levels of acidity.

Interpretation is a perspective after you have listened and taken notes.

Online store is always growing.

Thankful for everything, espcially my health.

Writing about seducing women can be whole blogg website on its own.

Build school for like minded individuals who want to learn about other cultures and share theirs .

Culture School | Coffee Place | Restaurant

Lifestyle curator _ Art curator

When in Sao Paulo in the Pihinerios area you have to visit a bar called No Name. Its dive a bar the food and location are great. Its right across the Federique Couthino metro station.

Ask for a table outside if available. Order a cold beer and some mini pastel. And just sit there people watch I recommend around 5pm you see everyone heading home. Note beautiful women everywhere in Brazil.

no name bar is located Auriflana and Pinheiros .

Cultural broker has to listen first before anything, take accurate notes, and asking questions if the communication is not clear.

Helpful questions are

  • Clarification (example: may you clarify what meant in this particular part?)
  • Verification (example: verification of account # 12948sae44, is that correct ?)
  • Repetition (example: excuse may have repetition, I’m not sure I understood)

When I think of design sometimes i think about supercars like Lamborgihini or Ferrarri. Ask your self how would feel driving that type vehicle. I would ” Slick like a Gato” Jay-z

The lines of those vehicles are smooth and have a slickness to it. It would be an luxury experience. Culture is an experience. We are brokering experiences. We are brokering luxurious experience. We are brokering the human experience.

The best |FRUIT| company according to U.S. consumers.

The best fruit company is found on fertile grounds. Where do these fruitful fertile grounds exist? In botany, a fruit is a seed-bearing structure in flowering plants formed from the ovary after flowering. Fruits are how angiosperms disseminate seeds. A generalization for fruit is that they carried seeds as opposed to vegetables. Peppers, avocados, and tomatoes are considered fruits.

Why are fruits important?

While many studies look at fruit and vegetable consumption as a whole, there are a few studies that explore the benefits of fruits specifically. One review of nine studies found that each additional serving of fruit eaten each day reduced the risk of heart disease by 7% (29).

Another study showed that eating fruits like grapes, apples, and blueberries is associated with a lower risk of type 2 diabetes (22Trusted Source). Citrus fruits, in particular, can raise the levels of citrate in your urine, which lowers the risk of kidney stones (30Trusted Source). 

Increased fruit intake can also help lower blood pressure and reduce oxidative stress, which may decrease the risk of heart disease (31). Eating more fruits and vegetables is also associated with improved blood sugar control in people with diabetes (32Trusted Source).

Health is Wealth.

The general recommendation for fruit and vegetable intake is at least 400 grams per day or five servings of 80 grams. One 80-gram serving is equivalent to a small piece about the size of a tennis ball. For fruits and vegetables that can be measured by the cup, a serving is roughly 1 cup. Many studies are indicating that fruit intake is associated with a lower risk of many serious diseases, including heart disease, stroke, and type 2 diabetes.

Top producers of Fruit in the World

1. China 150 million tonnes

2. India 82 million tonnes

3. Brazil 37 million tonnes

4. United States 29 million tonnes

5. Spain 18 million tonnes

6. Mexico 17.5 million tones

It makes sense both of the top producers in the world are also the most populated countries. Brazil is known for its biodiversity because of the Amazon rainforest. The best |fruit| company according to U.S. consumers is a region, land, and country that serves it is inhabitants. I want to recognize the importance of the best |fruit | that goes under-appreciated. A modern-day philosopher named it America’s Cornucopia Horn for the United States.

America’s Cornucopia Horn is Mexico and the west coast of the United States are producing most of the fruits that Americans are eating. These fruits are found in local markets to world renowned restaurants and wineries.

Quality fruit turns into wine than into award-winning wineries in Northern California NAPA U.S. and in Ensenada Baja California Mexico. Check an upcoming post the Most Influential Fruit in History on Sunday’s blog post.

Quality fruit turns into guacamole than into an healthy appetizer in many award-winning restaurants-around in the United States.

Superfood |Fruit|Company.

It’s extra for avocado, is that ok? Yes, please.

America’s Most Beloved Imported Fruits

The following list showcases the top 15 imported fresh or dried fruits most in demand by Americans. Combined, these 15 fruit categories represent 88.1% of the overall cost of fruits imported by the United States in 2019.

  1. Avocados: US$2.9 billion (17.5% of US-imported fruits)
  2. Bananas not plantains: $2.5 billion (15.5%)
  3. Fresh grapes: $1.8 billion (11%)
  4. Fresh cranberries, bilberries: $1.4 billion (8.3%)
  5. Fresh raspberries, blackberries, mulberries, loganberries: $1356.8 million (8.3%)
  6. Fresh strawberries: $871.4 million (5.3%)
  7. Pineapples: $714.4 million (4.4%)
  8. Lemons, limes: $691.9 million (4.2%)
  9. Guavas, mangoes: $658.2 million (4%)
  10. Watermelons: $410.2 million (2.5%)

Top Suppliers by Continent and Country

By value, listed below in descending order are the top 10 countries that supplied 88.8% of total fruits imported by America in 2019.

  1. Mexico: US$6.9 billion (43.2% of US-imported fruits)
  2. Chile: $1.8 billion (11.1%)
  3. Peru: $1.24 billion (7.7%)
  4. Guatemala: $1.16 billion (7.2%)
  5. Costa Rica: $924.9 million (5.8%)
  6. Vietnam: $886.5 million (5.5%)
  7. Ecuador: $425 million (2.7%)
  8. Honduras: $369.1 million (2.3%)
  9. Canada: $338.7 million (2.1%)
  10. Colombia: $184.3 million (1.1%)

Leading U.S. imported fruits from Mexico are avocados and fresh strawberries. Grapes and blueberries are the most valuable fruits shipped to America from Chile and Peru. Bananas top the list of fruits imported from Guatemala, Ecuador, Honduras and Colombia.

Health Benefits of Avocados

Avocado is incredibly delicious and nutritious fruit. Simply with a hit of salt and lime it taste amazing. Avocados are high in antioxidants, including lutein and zeaxanthin. These nutrients are very important for eye health and lower your risk of macular degeneration and cataracts.

They contain more potassium than bananas. Potassium is an important mineral that most people don’t get enough of. Avocados are very high in potassium, which should support healthy blood pressure levels.

Avocado is loaded with Heart-Healthy Monounsaturated Fatty Acids. Avocados are also loaded with fiber. Eating Avocados can lower Cholesterol and Triglyceride levels. People who eat Avocados tend to be healthier.

American imports of mangos and miscellaneous fresh fruits top the list of fruits imported from Vietnam. Blueberries, cranberries, cherries and apples represent the most lucrative fruits for suppliers in Canada.

The Best |FRUIT| company according to U.S. consumers is avocados. Please comeback check out the The most influential| Fruit| company in history on Sunday October 11 2020.

I ❤️avocados. Yo ❤️ aguacates.



Top Imported Fruits Most Loved by Americans







Today, I got in a fight with life! And I earned respect.

Today, life beat me up but I stood up fought back with all I got.

Woke today not feeling 100% maybe because of the beers I had the night before. But that didn’t stop from going to kitchen washing dishes, making coffee and cooking breakfast.

After breakfast, I studied for my interpreting test and worked for 7 hours.

I got a call 30 minutes into my shift and started interpreting all day. Some of the calls that I was interpreting where difficult.

I wasn’t feeling to good but I did my best and finished my shift. Felt good to finish but it was draining.

After work, I when to a boxing class to take out this nervous energy, that I have for an up coming test. I worked out so much a threw up. Jajaj

I kept on pushing finished that class and came home.

When I arrived home I felt, like I had gotten in fight with life all day and I had gotten my ass kicked, but I pushed so hard that I earned respect from life.

And anytime life wants to fight, it knows now that I’m going to bring it.

How to get started.

The hardest part is getting started. My personal reason for taking so long to start a blog is because of judgment.

Peers or other individuals commenting on how my grammar isn’t any good or just plain mockery for expressing your thought and feelings.

But I rather try and fail, then to never have tried at all. So here goes nothing.

The reason for this blog is to express myself creatively and to build brand. I have experience working with different brands “companies” and that’s why I know the importance of creating your own.

Since, my first job ever was at a pizza place better know as Little Caesars. I can remember being part of a brand by standing on the street spinning a sign or making pizza as fast as possible for our hungry customers.

And all the other work “jobs” that follow I had to represent a brand. I’m latino, so we start working at age 16 with parental approval. From the top of my head, I have worked for about 20 brands “companies”.

Promoting, customer services, sales, and every aspect or activity that would reflect the brand. Arriving on time, looking presentable, and ready to work my personal brand.

I write to introduce Design and Finance we are a brand consultation firm that is focused on the Latino market.

Signing up for a cultural broker experience. Please contact me at 915.383.2191 or 915.209.1461 to set up an interview. Email pdiaz243@gmail.com or designnfinance@gmail.com



Pedro Diaz Jr.