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Graffiti Ubatuba Nature Murals

Ubatuba graffiti nature murals

Since I been living in Brasil one of thing that has stood out to my creative bone is the graffiti and murals thorough the country specially Sao Paulo. Now that I’m residing in Ubatuba a coastal city in Sao Paulo I continue to see murals and graffiti but now they have a twist.

I hope you all enjoy these photographs from a new shopping gallery in the center of Ubatuba beach.

Two of my hobbies murals and nature combine.

Graffiti and murals are culture bridges to art, media, society of the local region.

Drawing and painting is a hobby that I knew I liked but not until I got to Sao Paulo did I start taking seriously. I used to doodle when taking notes in classes, meetings and at work it help me control my energy.

It has become a habit now, I find myself drawing or painting something every day.

I will post more of my drawings and paintings in a portfolio type page.  

This a hobby that I found later on in my 30s.

Cultural-broker.com blog has many posts on murals and graffiti from Brazil.

Graffiti and murals belong in this cultural blog because are visual representation of the local culture.

You will find many photographs of murals and graffiti in this blog because it represents art, media and society in a wall.  

I hope one day I’m able to paint an awesome mural like one of these.

You might think that painting a mural and graffiti it has nothing to do with language interpreting.

I would argue that language interpreting is like painting murals.

Let me explain in both action you are interpreting a message in one you are using oral representation by language and words in the other you are using paint and color.  

Before you can interpret into another language, before you can paint you have to visualize the message, the idea.

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Definition of Cultural Broker’s logo

My logo is about the identity.

A fingerprint with the outline of planet earth.

Planet earth is filled with diversity and that’s what makes it great.  

This logo represents us in person and online.

It’s about recognizing that us identify is unique there is no one in the world d that has the same finger print as you do.

A then again, we share so much but you are still unique.

It’s the appreciation of exceptionality of the world we live on.

Let’s celebrate what makes us different and what brings us together!

For example: BBQ,  Churrasco, Carne Asada, Cerveja, Cerveza,  Beer,  Beach Playa Praia

Marijuana Weed Macohana Art Movies Music

Cultural broker is bridge between different languages, and culture.

It’s about self-identity

It’s about self-improvement

It’s about self- discovery

The logo is about educating ourselves informally and formally

It’s about experiencing other culture

It’s about our individual stories,

It’s the story of my family my mother and father and my siblings my sister bothers and now my wife and her family.

It’s about love.

The best type of work I like completing is one that I’m going to be proud of at the end.

I haven’t written in a while I am having been drawing and painting lately and I’m so happy to announce the growth of the cultural broker.com is having in Brazil

I just fell in love with art and color.

I have always felt like a creative person and never really looked inside for guidance.

Now I know that I am artist. Even in university I wanted to be an entrepreneur create something innovative something that can make change and changes.

And I didn’t know how to feed it when younger now I’m able to acknowledge myself and feed my creativity.

I’m an entrepreneur.

Is someone that is a leader and walk her or his path.

In a way we are all entrepreneurs and artist we all have a unique story, unique vocabulary a unique experience and cultural-broker.com is where you connect with different cultures.

This place where we share stories.

Welcome and thank you for everyone that like the new logo.


A place with a hundred beaches and many islands.

A place for everyone from a language interpreter to a millionaire.

A space for everyone that like the outdoors and water-sports.

A place where there are more than 100 hundreds beaches and there is a place for every budget… 

I stayed the Itagua beach area and Im able to run/ walk to 4 different beaches around here cycle to even more.

Parai Vermehla ( Red beach), Praia Grande, Parai Cerdol  Paraia Perique…

I hope you enjoy the videos and phots I took during my stay.

In addition Paraty Rio do Janiero a world heritage site it 1-2 hr car ride