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I walk with faith…

“Andar com fé eu vou porque a fé nao costuma falhar”- Gilberto Gil Walk with faith I will, because faith usually doesnt fail. – English Interpretation Caminar con fé yo voy porque la fé no costumbra fallar. – Spanish Interpretation Youtube video: https://youtu.be/MxPsWzSh6Lg Studying and remote working in Brazil and listening to their music especially

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You have to become addicted to good habits.

You have to become addicted to great habits, to God habits, to extraordinary habits, to your dreams habits. Here are some of mine: 1. Work – take care of my responsibilities ( RN I’m interpreting check out services) 2. Exercise – invest in your health mental and physical health it will pay the best dividends

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Tip, propina, caixinha / gorgeta

Topic to reaseaech tips in the US and in Mexico servers , waitress , bartenders, meseros, garçon, and most of the services industry willl accept and expect a tip or gratiude for exceptional services or just good service as well. The gratuity increaae base on the level of service. In South America, specifically in Brazil

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