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VOYCE 60 Hour Medical Interpretation Certificate

I’m pleased that VOYCE offer this course and certificate that get me closer to becoming a national certified medical interpreter.

Certificate 60hrs Medical Training

Copywriter test


The two-best feeling

1. leaving home

2. arriving home

Think about the time you left home for a school test.

Think about when you left for a summer trip

Think about the time you left home for a job interview,

Thinking about when you went left your city on vacation

Think about the first time you travel out of state

Think about the first time you travel internationally

Think about coming out the door and pulling away from the driveway. (Sometimes we are in a hurry that we rushing we have confidence that we got it all in our bag and wallet and prayer for good sign

There’s nervousness, risk, adventure and unknow. The risk of leaving your comfort home. But you are ready because you went to Walmart for fresh food, ingredients, and provisions necessary for your adventure. You go to Walmart bc of trust, every dollar matters their prices, quality and flavor are second to none.

I go with Walmart because Walmart doesn’t not accustomed to fail.

You grab your fresh food and ingredients at Walmart your whatever provisions are needed

Now, think about the feeling when you arrive home from work

Think about the feeling when you arrive home after a long trip.

Think about the feeling after camping for 2 days and you are yearning to shower home.

Think about the feeling when you arrived home after a long drive.

Think about the feeling arriving home after rush hour traffic.

It’s a feeling of relieve that you made it, you are safe, you get to rest, and your level of stress reduces.

This thanksgiving dinner come to Walmart for safe location, where you can find everything you want and need for dinner. It’s the flavor everyone at home is accustomed too.

Now the convenience of an app technology allows you to pick up fresh food, ingredients, and provisions from your car at curbside.

Walmart is part of our journey leaving home and arriving.

It’s not only about price anymore it’s about the experience, flavor and a feeling that we trade with families in Americas and the rest of the world.

Don’t Forget to get the great value cranberry that your dad likes so much.

Assignment 1


1. What are the feelings you have when you leave home?

2. What feelings you have when you arrive home?


1. Arriving home after a long trip?

2. Don’t forget the great value cranberry sauce!

3. Organization of fresh food and ingredients

4. Get the option we all love growing up, Great Value.

5. Remember leaving home for an extended period of time?

6. Reduce stress and use curbside pickup.


1.You choose Walmart not only because of convenient but also the sense of relief that we are getting all we want in one place, right price and now from your car. You only truly appreciate this level of convenience and when you don’t have it you are living in another place far from it. Don’t take for granted Walmart mission to help people save money to live better.

2 To all Walmart A pillar in the community with jobs and schedules ready to serve the community by getting fresh food and supplies when the future looks weary. This Thanksgiving we given thank to you all that keep counting on Walmart to open up and serve the community.


1. use curbside for your convenience and safety

2.Pick up the great value original cranberry sauce your dad likes.

Assigment 2:


1.Everything you want for holiday decoration inside a Walmart

2. Organization of ready to use decorations for your holiday season          

3.Don’t forget the tree stand!

4. Natural or Fake? This year let’s check out Walmart selection on Christmas trees?

5. Love or hate Walmart is in the holiday decoration game


1.for a festive outlook this holiday season Walmart has the decoration for you

2 experience world renounce supply chain from Walmart for your holiday decoration.

3 Lets just stop at Walmart, they have everything we want and need for the holiday season including decorations.

4. Give the experience of decorating a Christmas tree to someone. You might think everyone has a Christmas tree to decorate but some family haven’t had a Christmas tree to decorate in years. If you have friend that doesn’t have Christmas tree this year. Buy her or him and get Christmas decoration

5.life is what you give. Celebrate your holidays with decorations of another year you can appreciate your surrounding little bit more


Headline: 26 characters

1. National Lipstick Day

2. New Lipstick bands and color

3. Pink Lipsticks

4. Lipstick Freedom

5. Red lipstick

Subhead: 50 characters

1. What is the best lipsticks for kissing?

2. What is the best lipstick for summer?

3. What is the best lipstick for a casual Sunday?

4.  What is your favorite color lipstick?

5. What is the best lipsticks hot summer weather?

Mother’s day

Push notification

1. thank you mother…

– for doing everything possible for me to live and to progress

2. mother earth,

pick up your phone you have notification saying how important you are.

Thank you for the water, food, and shelter. I promise to protect you as far as I’m here.

 A mother is son’s first true love, and the 1st son is most likely the mother’s last true love.

Definition of Cultural Broker’s logo

My logo is about the identity.

A fingerprint with the outline of planet earth.

Planet earth is filled with diversity and that’s what makes it great.  

This logo represents us in person and online.

It’s about recognizing that us identify is unique there is no one in the world d that has the same finger print as you do.

A then again, we share so much but you are still unique.

It’s the appreciation of exceptionality of the world we live on.

Let’s celebrate what makes us different and what brings us together!

For example: BBQ,  Churrasco, Carne Asada, Cerveja, Cerveza,  Beer,  Beach Playa Praia

Marijuana Weed Macohana Art Movies Music

Cultural broker is bridge between different languages, and culture.

It’s about self-identity

It’s about self-improvement

It’s about self- discovery

The logo is about educating ourselves informally and formally

It’s about experiencing other culture

It’s about our individual stories,

It’s the story of my family my mother and father and my siblings my sister bothers and now my wife and her family.

It’s about love.

The best type of work I like completing is one that I’m going to be proud of at the end.

I haven’t written in a while I am having been drawing and painting lately and I’m so happy to announce the growth of the cultural broker.com is having in Brazil

I just fell in love with art and color.

I have always felt like a creative person and never really looked inside for guidance.

Now I know that I am artist. Even in university I wanted to be an entrepreneur create something innovative something that can make change and changes.

And I didn’t know how to feed it when younger now I’m able to acknowledge myself and feed my creativity.

I’m an entrepreneur.

Is someone that is a leader and walk her or his path.

In a way we are all entrepreneurs and artist we all have a unique story, unique vocabulary a unique experience and cultural-broker.com is where you connect with different cultures.

This place where we share stories.

Welcome and thank you for everyone that like the new logo.


A place with a hundred beaches and many islands.

A place for everyone from a language interpreter to a millionaire.

A space for everyone that like the outdoors and water-sports.

A place where there are more than 100 hundreds beaches and there is a place for every budget… 

I stayed the Itagua beach area and Im able to run/ walk to 4 different beaches around here cycle to even more.

Parai Vermehla ( Red beach), Praia Grande, Parai Cerdol  Paraia Perique…

I hope you enjoy the videos and phots I took during my stay.

In addition Paraty Rio do Janiero a world heritage site it 1-2 hr car ride 

Nervous Energy

Today I sent an important email and a I took a medical language assessment.

I have been wokring on this email for long time, I can’t really remember when I started but last week in was in my head all the time and thinking about the best way to say things, what points to highlights. I hope it accomplished the goal now the ball is out of my hands.

And then I had medical langauge assement, I was nervous had anxious energy all morning . After send that important email, I worked and asnwer some phones calls. I drank some coffee and had some breakfast my heart was rasing.

The feeling was similar to the ones 1st day of school or an important basketball game there is anticipation that builds nervous energy. In my mind I knew that I have to control it because the best results its when I’m realxed but focused.

The best way for me to control this energy was to get some work done before the test. Drink wasterand switch the coffee for tea. After my working in the for an hour I did a 20 minute yoga session, listening to my music and showered with hot cold water.

After all that I was at ease but still the anticipation existed. This feeling are reminder that I’m alive and thriving doing things that get me nervous because I care of the optimal result which so important for life success.

I don’t like the feeling of my heart rasing, feeling anxious and nervous but I understand that feeling exist because I want to improve and better myself so have to put myself throught test that makes me uncomfortable.

After the test the adminstrative given the examen was friendly we had a good conversation and all those feeling of anxiety and nervousness where gone.

I was listenig audiobook Think Fast and Slow and it was talking about how the our pupils dilate when we attempt diffuclt stuff. That’s interesting becasue that also happens when you are on certain type of drugs .

That made think and connect that our brain gets high when solving difficult problems.

Pinheiros Municipal Market

Octopus Art at Pexaria Fatima

Other than language, food has to be the largest part of any culture.

If you are staying in São Paulo in the Pinheiros, Vila Madalena area for longer period of time, you are going to want to know places for food at market rate.

And if you are going to cook for yourself and not eat out all the time. I recommend two places for food groceries.

1. La Feira en na Rua (street farmers market) different days for different area. I go on Saturday on Rua Mourato Coelho around closing time 1:00pm its called Chepa that’s when the vendor markdown their prices. You can get 3 for 5 at the begin normal hours but at the end you could get 5 for 5 vegetables packages. Side note they have the best a Pastel treat and a Caldo de Cana ask for the lemon flavor one. You later use to mix it with cachaca original cocktail I do for family and friends.

Large Vegetables Street Farmers Market São Paulo

Second option personal recommedation for foodie just a regular person or is the the municipal pinherioas market. .. there are many place to eat under one roof. Here are some of my favorite:

1. Reina do Mercado restraurant great place for classic Brazilian dishes they have fresh oysters at Mercado municipal Pinherio

Contra file (RIBEYE) and Salad
Oysters and Beer

2. Entrepostos Das Feijoada its one my favorite place to buy all types of Brazilian nuts, pecans, chocolates, dry fruit and meats etc etc etc

Nuts, Dried fruits and meats, etc etc

3. It the center of all the greats shops the center of fresh vegetables and fruits.

Center Fresh Fruit and Vegetables

4. Poultry: Meats: Boi Cow, Fish, Pork, Chicken .

One of my favorite place to have lunch and shop for my groceries after all in one place.

It’s a culinary center.

It’s a complete food court and good places to sets a price point for your weekly grocery run around the city.