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Conference Interpreting

Im wrapping up my work week and the video below comes up in my Youtube feed. After watching this videos it made feel proud of the work that I do on the weekly basis which is consecutive interpreting. In addition it motivated me to look into conference interpreting as my next step in my career. I taught me about the different types of interpreting and I realized that adrenaline forms part of my work. If you are interested interpreting please watch this video it’s a great production.


Guy Ritchie Quote

This is a quote from Guy Ritchie from the Joe Rogan Podcast talking about the essence of storytelling.

“You can’t escape yourself, so return to yourself, and accept who you are.” -GR

“You have to leave yourself to understand the value of yourself. you have to loose stuff before you realize all the stuff that you are loosing its ephemeral & transitory it’s not yours, you are enough your are always enough but you’ve got to somehow prostitute yourself before you realize your own value that is the essence of all stories.” – Guy Ritchie

Two types of live interpreting.


And Yes, I can provide two ways of interpreting.

1. Consecutively

This where there’s a dialogue for most the time.

Person speaking in English or Spanish speaker talks in short phrases and gives time for the interpretation. It’s like tennis match back forth and done well it has a good flow.

2. Simultaneously

This where I’m interpreting into at the same time as the speaker. This option you need equipment/ that gets my audio to the right audience.  This is like rollercoaster ones it starts there is no going back until the end. The interpreter should have knowledge about scene to perform accurately.


1. Consecutively $200hr

2. Simultaneously $1,200hr

I hope I was able to explain clearly. Please if you need more info please feel free to contact me. I have my own professional website.


Pedro Diaz

Spanish Interpreter



Dec. 10 2021

Interpreter’s knowledge from Chapter 5

Lexicon (Medical, Government and Business Vocabulary) The vocabulary of a person, language, or branch of knowledge.

My strongest suit is business and government vocabulary because of my experience and education. I believe that there is always room for improvement. Every industry, every region every, has a lexicon that you can only possess when you study or experience.