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Two types of live interpreting.


And Yes, I can provide two ways of interpreting.

1. Consecutively

This where there’s a dialogue for most the time.

Person speaking in English or Spanish speaker talks in short phrases and gives time for the interpretation. It’s like tennis match back forth and done well it has a good flow.

2. Simultaneously

This where I’m interpreting into at the same time as the speaker. This option you need equipment/ that gets my audio to the right audience.  This is like rollercoaster ones it starts there is no going back until the end. The interpreter should have knowledge about scene to perform accurately.


1. Consecutively $200hr

2. Simultaneously $1,200hr

I hope I was able to explain clearly. Please if you need more info please feel free to contact me. I have my own professional website.


Pedro Diaz

Spanish Interpreter



Dec. 10 2021


Hiccup Remedy

Example: Drinking Water Upside Down Hiccup Remedy

Saturday night after bbq at neighborhood plaza that took a pretty intense hike to get there.

After drinking and eating plenty it happens i get the hiccups it was. Cute at the moment but after 10 those hiccups in row its strange feeling not pleasant.

Language Learning activity.
Spanish : Hipo
English: Hiccup
Brazilian Portuguese: Soluço

Best way to get rid of hiccups is to drink water upside down:

Example: Drink Water Upside Down Hiccup Remedy

Voice Over Notes

Different type of voices(tone):

1. High Energy

2. Good Energy

3. Guy/Girl next door

4. Subdued

5. Monotone

As a do it your self script writer you have to edit, edit, edit and revise, revise revise.


1. Who are you talking to ?( one person)

2. Hand gestures

3. character

Audacity Recording Software

⁃ Cardioid mic

⁃ Blue Yeti mic example

Podcast changing career – difficulty 6 months challenge

Personal note on myself:

Focus for longer periods of time on writing and reading, you will advance rather quickly. Go to put your mind into something. Make a habit.

You have to be the champ before you become the champ. You have to have the lifestyle of the champ before you become the champ. Mike Tyson

I have top build relationships with hotel administrator and owners.

Read voice(over) practice

With attention and focus.

You got to work like a big opportunity is around the corner. Is closer than you think all of you dreams ( Health, Family/ Friends and Financial Freedom)

Read and work more!

Keep doing the reps( practice) it will come. It’s about building habits


1 minute for 5 spots (15 seconds each) That’s around 40 45 words ( new current)


Voices 123




Create gigs on (fiver)

Better copy for my facebook ads

I would describe my voice as a voice a grandmother is going to enjoy . It’s funny because it’s true.

Portuguese Lesson

Portuguese lesson

Curtido means to like something

Brazilian portuguese: eu curti sua foto no instsagram

Englih: I liked your photo on instagram

Coitado means to feel sorry for someone

Brazilian Portuguese: Coitado do Brasil quando perdeu 7x 0 contra Alemania

English : I feel sorry for Brazil when the lost 7 x0 against Germany

The words are similar for foreigner when hear them but mean completly different things.

Living in a country where they use a different language from mine, it has forced me to learn and to use a new langauge. Not only I’m learning a new language but I have found a new perspective and appreciation to the where I’m from.

What you can learn from language interpreters.

A clear and short introduction with power and tone seting.
Listening is the most acute skills set an interpreter posses.
If the messegae and idea is not clear a form of clarification occurs until the messeage an idea are clear a precise.


2. Set the tone, speak clearly and with confidence.

3. Clarify as many times until you are 100% accurate.

4. Check your mute button!

Interpreters are great at distinguishing accents – we deal with English accents from all over the world.

Spanish and Portuguese Differences

The difference of Spanish and Portuguese * Brazilian

The majority as spanish speakers will say the portuguese is similar to spanish and that you could get by just by knowing spanish. imhere to tell you that they are complete different languaages.

A great example is the word napkim. This an items that you are going to ask for when you are dining out.

English : Napkim
Spanish: Servilleta
Portuguese: Guardanapo

There are many example especially when you are dining out. Check out the examples below.

English: Fork, Spoon, Knife, A Bottled Water, BBQ
Spanish: Tenedor, Cuchara, Cuchillo, Una botella de agua, Carne Asada
Portuguese: Garfo, c Colher,Faca, Uma garrafa de agua, Churrasco

If you are getting an idea they are complete different languages you wont be able to communicate in restaurant with spanish. But surprisingly enough there are many Portuguese speakers that speak english and not spanish.

Now with globalization laguages are mixing when you speak and write.
Lets take at look at some commanalities betwen spanish and portuguese.

English: Beer, Beach, Party, Music
Spanish: Cerveza, Playa, Fiesta, Musica
Portuguese: Cerveja, Praia, Festa, Musica

The majority of the people you interact with in Brazil will be in Portuguese they will do the effort to slow down and try to understand you even if you only know Spanish or English.

This post is to help language learner appreciate the differences in languages and make extra effort to learn a new language and not assume just because they are similar.