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Quote on winning.

“Some men give up their designs when they have almost reached the goal; While others, on the contrary, obtain a victory by exerting, at the last moment, more vigourous efforts than ever before.

Excerpt From
Words of Wisdom – 100 Inspirational Quotations
Various Authors
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Guy Ritchie Quote

This is a quote from Guy Ritchie from the Joe Rogan Podcast talking about the essence of storytelling.

“You can’t escape yourself, so return to yourself, and accept who you are.” -GR

“You have to leave yourself to understand the value of yourself. you have to loose stuff before you realize all the stuff that you are loosing its ephemeral & transitory it’s not yours, you are enough your are always enough but you’ve got to somehow prostitute yourself before you realize your own value that is the essence of all stories.” – Guy Ritchie

My message to Canelo

Canelo and team,

I’m professional interpreter and I saw the fight and I saw the commentary after wards.

I’m sorry to say but that the interpreter omitted and change the message multiple times. In addition, he was not taking notes.

Canelo deserves the best and that’s cultural-broker.com from El Paso TX.

We serve the Latino community I have interpreter for United States Citizenship Services (USCIS) for immigrants and immigration officers. In my time with USCIS I was trained to interpret word for word.

I also have experience working with lawyers, doctors and nurses.  

When the stakes are high the interpreter needs to be 100% accurate.

Best and Congratulations! Viva Mexico!

Pedro Diaz

Canelo y equipo,

Soy intérprete profesional y vi la pelea y vi los comentarios después.

Lamento decirlo, pero el intérprete omitió y cambió el mensaje varias veces. Además, no estaba tomando notas.

Canelo se merece lo mejor y eso es cultural-broker.com del El Paso TX.

Servimos a la comunidad latina. Tengo experencia como intérprete para los Servicios de Ciudadanía de los Estados Unidos (USCIS) para inmigrantes y oficiales de inmigración. En mi tiempo con USCIS fui entrenado para interpretar palabra por palabra.

También tengo experiencia trabajando con abogados, médicos y enfermeras.

Cuando hay mucho en juego, el intérprete debe ser 100% preciso.

Saludos y muchas felicidades! Viva Mexico!

Pedro Diaz

Nervous Energy

Today I sent an important email and a I took a medical language assessment.

I have been wokring on this email for long time, I can’t really remember when I started but last week in was in my head all the time and thinking about the best way to say things, what points to highlights. I hope it accomplished the goal now the ball is out of my hands.

And then I had medical langauge assement, I was nervous had anxious energy all morning . After send that important email, I worked and asnwer some phones calls. I drank some coffee and had some breakfast my heart was rasing.

The feeling was similar to the ones 1st day of school or an important basketball game there is anticipation that builds nervous energy. In my mind I knew that I have to control it because the best results its when I’m realxed but focused.

The best way for me to control this energy was to get some work done before the test. Drink wasterand switch the coffee for tea. After my working in the for an hour I did a 20 minute yoga session, listening to my music and showered with hot cold water.

After all that I was at ease but still the anticipation existed. This feeling are reminder that I’m alive and thriving doing things that get me nervous because I care of the optimal result which so important for life success.

I don’t like the feeling of my heart rasing, feeling anxious and nervous but I understand that feeling exist because I want to improve and better myself so have to put myself throught test that makes me uncomfortable.

After the test the adminstrative given the examen was friendly we had a good conversation and all those feeling of anxiety and nervousness where gone.

I was listenig audiobook Think Fast and Slow and it was talking about how the our pupils dilate when we attempt diffuclt stuff. That’s interesting becasue that also happens when you are on certain type of drugs .

That made think and connect that our brain gets high when solving difficult problems.

Quotes and wants

“My ideal gig is one that produces something I’m proud of at the end of it.” – Joe Coleman

I feel exactly like Joe Coleman a freelance copywriter. To produce something that you are proud of you have to overcome a challenge. It’s probably not going to be easy it could be simple but not easy. When you are proud of your work you have invested time, energy and soul. Take this message and apply to your daily work make sure that at end of the day you are proud of your actions.

What great description of what a job should feel like thanks Joe Coleman.

“Everyone loves me, I love everyone and there are no problems” … “I’m on the floor nothings exists, time don’t exist, matter don’t exist only a noticeable acceptance from a divine power.” Mike Tyson on psychedelics.

The reason I choose to share this quote is because it reminded me of meditating and being at peace or in love. Also its similar to when you are not thinking of anything you are in the moment. I have shared the feeling without any psychedelics its the feeling of happiness and thankfulness.

It’s not absolute the same but an example in the micro perspective. I go to a boxing gym and I don’t have a problem with anyone. Everybody is friendly to me and I’m friendly back that reminds of what Mike was talking about having no problems.

You can get to place with no problems and everyone around treating you with kindness and you feel that bliss that God made you and accepts you just the way you are. It’s about being thankful for the experience the good, bad and ugly.

“Every time someone gets you mad they own you“ Mike Tyson.

Again, Mike with some philosophy. I’m the person that won’t get troubled by anything because of my experience early in life. There comes a time where your spouse, family member or friend will do something to tick you off that’s a great time to remember if they got you mad they own you.

“No one can criticize me worse than I can myself” Mike Tyson.

This is the truth. No one knows you like you do. You know the truth and you can use it to make yourself better.

On Aug. 23, 2021 there was a full moon and my wife told its good time for affirmations of what you want so here are my wants for 2021-2022.

My wants:

I want health and wealth

I want to get $49-$79hour interpreting work anywhere in the world

I want to have fun creating content and making $$$

I want to see my family soon

I want to be debt free

I want to be able to invest $2,500.00 USD into the stock market monthly to my portfolio

I want my wife dreams to come true

I want an all-terrain vehicles

I want peace

Ultimately, I want love

Love to create and to share with others.


Hiccup Remedy

Example: Drinking Water Upside Down Hiccup Remedy

Saturday night after bbq at neighborhood plaza that took a pretty intense hike to get there.

After drinking and eating plenty it happens i get the hiccups it was. Cute at the moment but after 10 those hiccups in row its strange feeling not pleasant.

Language Learning activity.
Spanish : Hipo
English: Hiccup
Brazilian Portuguese: Soluço

Best way to get rid of hiccups is to drink water upside down:

Example: Drink Water Upside Down Hiccup Remedy

Four Uber Eats rules, I learned on Monday.

On the weekend I ordered way too much food on Uber Eats and it was not tasty.  I felt bad today because I could save my $$$ and not order so much food that we barely liked, double fail. So  I came up with some basic rules to help with the user experience. 


Below are four rules that I would suggest for a better Uber Eats experience. 

Rule #1 When ordering from a restaurant you haven’t ordered before get a smaller portion. 

Rule #2  Tip the driver 10 percent or more if you have it.

Rule #3 Don’t double pay ! Avoid fraud don’t pay the deliver person. (expect you want to give an extra cash tip on the side)

Rule#4 Buy from restaurants you already know for better experience