Winning Habits

Design winning habits. I’m turning 30 this year and I want to accomplish more and find an equilibrium. I also want to have a clear mind and be physically strong.

I could say that I have the ability to look at life through a positive perspective and I still want to learn new skills. The feeling of reinvesting yourself, is a great one.

But there’s also the dark side of my personality that starts feeding you a negative perspective where you are not open to learning, self-sabotaging and your tired of being rejected.

Now, I like to say “I’m thankful for the good and the bad” because there’s no getting away from dark perspective, that is what is a perspective.

Some people have a pessimistic, optimistic, and or realistic perspective. We all have to use the different perspectives to analyze risk and opportunity.

I want to develop a schedule where I optimize my time to build a strong core and balance.

This is what my schedule looks like:

Sleep: 7-8hrs

Wake up at 6:00am most days : Write about my dreams as I’m waking up.

This after I pee, wash my hands, face and teeth. Wen I’m conscious I make it point to drink WATER first thing to hydrate my brain and my body. I stretch for a couple of minutes on yoga next to my bed. I start making a healthy breakfast, (ex. yogurt blueberries, pecans, granola, strawberries, and apples.) On cheat days I’ll have egg and bacon cheese burrito, I’m Mexican?american. Drink a cup of coffee, no sugar no cream yes black as the 44th president of the United States.

I do 20 pushups before interpreting.

At 7:00am I work as spanish interpreter one of my active cash flow producing activities for 7 hours a day from Tuesday to Friday.

I eat and take some vitamins with a full glass of WATER.

After work 2:00pm: Check personal email, youtube, social media, and entertainment

Go for walk/exercise and Dinner

After Dinner: Recreational Activities


After Shower: Journal and Calendar meditations

Read and Go to bed.

That’s how my schedule is look right about now.

Where can improve?

Any suggestions?


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