Health Care a right in the United States.

Healthcare as a right in the United States.
Has a doctor or nurse ever asked you from a scale of 1- 10 how bad is your pain?
Has your answer ever been a 10!

I have felt the pain by means of an infection reaching the nerves inside my molars which mean you need root canal treatment. The pain is excruciating that you are not able to sleep. And if you don’t sleep because of pain you start feeling crazy after a while.
What to do if you have pain level of 10 in the United States and don’t have health insurance?

Either be ready to be in debt for a while or you need to go to another country that has affordable health care. Don’t worry bankruptcy only last 7 years.

Over 500,000 Americans go bankrupt very years because medical bills. In ten years the 16% of the US population will go broke because they cannot pay medical bills.

The thought of medical debt is a bigger headache then your actual headache. Many people just start self-medicating with alcohol, marijuana, and or heavy drugs from black market.
The right for people to access to health care will relieve the country from the majority of the stresses in life.

Why does the U.S. want bankrupt people that don’t have health care insurance?
Is debt a disease? Is the U.S. greedy?
I rather be debt free than to go for annual checkup or pay dentist fee. I got a feeling that there are a lot of other Americans that feel the same way.
Qualifying for government help?
It’s embarrassing that you cannot stand on your own two feet in one of the most fruitful country in the world.

The poor and the unemployed get the best health care treatment, but the ones who are starting their business or part-timers are marginalized.
Only the very poor and the very rich get to see the best doctor in the United States. The middle class are in the hands of God.
In this economy changing jobs is common that means changing healthcare with jobs. Starting a new job can come with good or bad health care benefits. There is always a waiting period before benefits kick in.
Some of the benefits are good, but some are cheap. In addition, when you enter a high turnover job like a call center that you might have a month of benefits before you resigned or are dismissed.

The glorious of idea of boot strapping starting you own business, sound amazing. Good luck with health care insurance is not included.
Some Americans are thinking well who is going to pay for it. Every other civilized modern country as figured it out from England, France, Canada, Brazil, Mexico, Spain, Germany, Argentina, Colombia, Russia, Japan, Israel, South Korea, South Africa, Egypt, Ghan… and many other countries have figured out how to offer universal health care for their citizens.
How many American would rather just deal with the pain then go see a doctor or dentist for lack of insurance?
Health Care as a right in the United States.


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