I was reflecting on my past when I was an event club promoter. I would organize events and charge cover to fundraise for student organizations or for myself. I remebered that a competitor promoter when to one of the bar/club owners and said that I wasn’t shit that, he could fill the club at higher capacity then me etc etc etc. I know this because the owner told me.

His partner was actually a closed of friend of my at the time, friend right.

I was thinking if that guy and his partner “my friend” would have talked to me and worked things out we could have build something larger then each other.

But for many reason that conversation never happened they started promoting events. I didnt have a chance when my partner that had helped with the first events switch school. The events I was doing alone did not pull as much people as before.

At the time I would act cool like I had better things to do. I always had two jobs, I’m Mexican American. I would attend those events/promotions of my competitors after because my “friend”/roomate would invite me and they would let me in for free.

My reflection of this whole deal was that in those parties many friends from school would go. One friend in particular an acutal friend, this guy was more of an academic/ intellectual guy. This guy would talk shit about the people buying bottles and getting drunk with their parents money, point out their shallow personalities. I didn’t realize this back then but he had a positive impact in my life. Because of him I got job at the University with the Dean of the College of business. I followed him into student organization meeting and later on I became president of that organization and a leader in others.

What healthier route I took because of one good friend. Today almost 8-9 years later I texted ask him if he remebred my club promoting days, he laughed.

After that I told him tha he postively influence my life and I’m better person because him.

If you have one good friend that has positively influenced you, go and say thank you a let them know about it.

That was my reflection today about my past that good people will come in into your life be sure to listen.


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